Zodiac signs tell us a lot about ourselves and how we interact with the world. Not everyone believes in them and that's okay, but for some people, myself included, zodiac signs help us understand who we are and what kind of relationships we will have. People like to know what sign they are most compatible with when looking for a romantic relationship, but the stars can also help you find the perfect best friend. Of course, you shouldn't be dropping your best friend to find someone with the sign best suited to yours. Not every person is a poster child for their sign and some people can be one sign because of when they were born but have the personality of another. 

If I haven't lost you yet and you still want to know what sign will make the ideal best friend for you, read on!


1. Aries (March 20–April 19) is best suited with Gemini or Aquarius.

Gemini: Gemini has amazing ideas and Aries loves to act on them. If they work together, they can do anything. Together they are creative, but they also can be a bit careless. These friends are fearless, but that does mean they sometimes run into trouble.

Aquarius: Aquarius and Aries make fast friends. They do run into arguments because of Aries' stubborn nature, but as long as no secrets are kept, they quickly make up. These friends love their independence.

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2. Taurus (April 19–May 20) is best suited with Pisces or Cancer.

Pisces: At first you wouldn't think these two would be friends, but once they get to know each other, they'll realize how much in common they have. Pisces and Taurus are easygoing, both wanting the other to loosen up and laugh. Pisces is forgetful and Taurus is attracted to material things, but these friends are able to tolerate each other's differences.

Cancer: Fast friends Cancer and Taurus value the same things in life. They are both creative, but Taurus can get caught up in money while Cancer is overly sensitive. Neither will try to change the other because they focus on their strengths. This friendship is strong.

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3. Gemini (May 20–June 20) is best suited with Aries or Leo

Aries: See #1 for this friendship!

Leo: Gemini loves how creative and warm Leo is and loves to make them laugh. These friends are adventurous but can sometimes get into trouble. Gemini takes the lead but knows when to follow Leo. These friends are fun and loving!

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4. Cancer (June 20–July 22) is best suited with Taurus or Virgo

Taurus: See #2 for this friendship!

Virgo: This friendship is going to be a strong one as Virgo and Cancer lift each other up. These two will teach each other valuable lessons like unconditional love and when to let go. They share the same values and they believe in them. 

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