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It is the day we have all been waiting for, the day where the moon and sun shine as one, the tides roll to the tune of Beyoncé, and all mosquitoes in the world are dropping dead, never to return. What is this perfect day, you ask? Why, it is the day Netflix has announced that Gilmore Girls is back, of course! Series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and exec producer Daniel Palladino are both back, which is of utmost importance, and guess who else has been confirmed? Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Kelly Bishop, and Scott Patterson (or Lorelai, Rory, Emily, and Luke for the casual fans out there). 

There are going to be four episodes, each 90 minutes long. I remember the days when all I wanted was a Gilmore Girls movie, and now I am receiving four. This can't be real life. 

This is not a rumor. This is confirmed. It is happening. 


Amy Sherman-Palladino has gone on the record and said that the events that happened in the final season (a season in which she was not present) were not what she wanted for the show. As the creator of all things G.G., I trust that her vision will be more interesting than a kiss and Obama.

New info that literally came out as I was writing this via TVLine:

"There will be a time jump. According to sources, the story that Team Palladino pitched to Netflix meets up with Lorelai, Rory, Emily & Co. in the present day, or roughly eight years after the series ended. [...] The plan, as I understand it, is for most — if not all — of Rory’s major suitors (i.e. Logan, Jess and Dean) to turn up in the four super-sized installments."

This makes me so very, very happy.

Team Logan 4 lyfe. 


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