Sometimes life deals you a hand of cards where you end up being the sad, pathetic third wheel. Admit it, we've all been there at one point or another, but most of us never really captured it on camera, these people however, did. 

It makes me cringe to bear witness to a moment of mix of pure hilariousness and awkwardness. It's like witnessing an image that gives you a mishmash of confusing emotions. Like, I want to laugh, but I also want to cry for these poor third wheels. 

Moral of the story: third wheels belong on tricycles only. Essentially:

20 Moments That Prove That The Struggle For Third Wheels Is Real 0
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Unless you brought your date, vodka, along, then you're still a third wheel, but now you're a loveless, but drunk, sad person, which beats the alternative.

20 Moments That Prove That The Struggle For Third Wheels Is Real 2
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1. Eating your emotions is always a good option.

Ahhh love...
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2. Not hiding your unimpressed face is okay.

funny third wheel
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3. Any attempt you make at breaking up their awkward make out session will go unnoticed. 

funny third wheel
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4. There's something worse than a third wheel and that's a fifth wheel.

funny third wheel
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5. The worst part of this is that he's actually physically holding onto the poor third wheel. There's no escaping it the third wheel when you're in it.

funny third wheel
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6. The agony in the poor girl's eyes.

funny third wheel
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7. This third wheel decided to embrace her title and set a romantic mood. They should give her a treat.

funny third wheel
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8. And sometimes third wheels get so lonely they try to join in...

funny third wheel
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9. Third wheels make the most of their time and think of deep philosophical questions like "What is life?" and "Why the hell am I here right now?"

funny third wheel
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10. This third wheel wears black because this is where her chances of finding love came to die. RIP. 

funny third wheel
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11. Here's to one more year of watching everyone else fall in love.

funny third wheel blue dress
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12. Third wheels gotta make do with what they have to not feel too awkward. It's still a bit awkward considering she's making out with a pillar.

funny third wheel love this post
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13. The third wheel can't help but think of the ice cream she's going to eat when she gets home.

funny third wheel maximum
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14. The third wheel put her headphones in to not overhear the sucking and slurping sounds, but still can't help but stare. The struggle is so real.

funny third wheel
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15. The funny thing is, I don't think the third wheel is the only one not enjoying himself.

funny third wheel
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16. That's not even a legit smile, third wheel. We can see through the sadness in your soul.

funny third wheel
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17. The motto for third wheels that unites them all: "Just keep eating, just keep eating"

funny third wheel ice cream
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18. This guy is the worst of both worlds: he's been epically friendzoned and third wheeled at the same time. Someone call an ambulance. 

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19. This girl is the champion third wheeler.

funny third wheel life

funny third wheel life

funny third wheel life
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20. Man's best friend can even get third wheeled. How sad. 

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Collage Source: 1) Don't Poke The Bear 2) Jokideo