I think you'll all agree with me when I say that life needs a refresh button.

At the very least, it needs a setting where, before you say or do something questionable or stupid, your mom's voice pops into your head and it asks you, "Is what you're about do to smart?" We all know the answer is a resounding "NO!" but for whatever reason, humans seem to have terribly poor impulse control and what we're left with is a man riding a unicycle through a car wash (that'll make more sense once you get to #9).

My perspective on stupidity is far more selfish. You see, I am  a writer on the internet who specializes in finding funny stuff for you to read and look at. In my professional opinion (and for the sake of me keeping a job) I am a BIG advocate of you always following your gut. Never ever bring logic and self-preservation into any decision you make. It makes for terrific content.

Speaking of which...content! The stuff you came here for.  Let's get on with it, shall we?


1. You know what? It'll do.

reddit |  nukayon

2. Commas are important, people.

reddit |  mrinsanity

3. Seems like a good excuse to play extreme teeter totter.

reddit |  bkmgtpe

4. Seems like a good opportunity to give small children some irrational fears.

Imgur |  adoradandy

5. "Think I can make it?" asked Tom as he handed Jerry his beer.

reddit |  SwirlStick

6. How did you think this would go down?

reddit |  travisjpope

7. Jimmy died...but we got 14,000,000 views on YouTube, so...

Imgur |  Wainaa

8. Seagulls aren't normally an aggressive bird, but I wouldn't test them.

reddit |  midnight333233

9. This answers a lot of questions from my childhood.

Imgur |  Bleckstein

10. I'm sure your parents still pat your head and tell you you're "smart in your own, special way."

Twitter |  @DanishCracker

11. Did you ask your husband if he was...HIGH. 

reddit |  Sleeper256

12. I can hear my grandpa somewhere out there saying, "They should be happy they're getting food at all. Back in 'Nam..."


13. Well, look who needs the human's help now!

reddit |  Actually_an_otter

14. They both look...sweaty.

Imgur |  omtrees

15. The worst of the "it was just a phase" school photos.

reddit |  Crono464

16. For those rare times you need to get plaque off your privates and stop your teeth from itching.

reddit |  white_picket_fencer

17. Seems like an extreme way to announce you're pro-choice.

Imgur |  TempleHadley

18. Think skinny. 

Imgur |  MarieAnntoinette

Main image via Twitter / @DanishCracker

Collage images via 1. reddit / travisjpope  2. Imgur / adoradandy 3. reddit / white_picket_fencer