Design and marketing courses aren't cheap. People spend thousands of dollars learning how to do this stuff properly, and yet there are just so many fails to laugh at. How does this keep happening?

Although, I guess those schools can't teach common sense...


1. Presumably none of the "people who know how" this sign advertises are designers. 

Does this sort of typography look visually interesting? Sure. Does it actually get your message across? Nope.

Reddit |  cle1110

2. If you're going to put a pattern on clothing, you need to be careful of the seams.

Because nothing says "cute" like a weird new dinosaur on the front of your shorts. 

Reddit |  DarthTheDaddy

3. So, which way do I go?

Besides the fact that this sign is completely useless for way-finding, why did this place separate their suites between even and odd numbers? Just go chronological. 

Reddit |  Samten564

4. Clearly nobody thought to actually try on the socks before selling them.

Or they did try them on, and they decided that they were too hilarious not to share with the world.


5. If this sign had a pattern to their typography, I'd almost forgive them.

Would it still be annoying to read? Yep, but at least it would be on purpose and not reek of incompetence. 

Reddit |  Vexrah

6. Lots of places like to use their logo or graphic as part of their name on signage.

But in most cases, that logo or graphic actually looks like the letter it's replacing. 

Reddit |  Bluet313

7. Here's a completely useless chart of pencil grades!

It certainly helps me choose whether a 4B or a 2H will have the effect I'm looking for in my drawing...

If I saw this in store, I wouldn't even buy the pencils. 

Reddit |  SpaceSyrup

8. This bathroom has seriously questionable urinal placement.

Not only does everyone washing their hands get to watch you pee, but the whole establishment gets a look when the door opens. 

Reddit |  Jar3d98

9. Please tell me this was a practical joke.

Or a "hack" gone wrong. No one could ever possibly think a bicycle seat would be more comfortable while working at a desk, right?

Reddit |  Greco44

10. I'm not sure these people understand how this works...

"Kids are always replacing the ends of 'ate' words with the number eight. We should do that to draw in the younger demographic!"

Reddit |  XPL0S1V3

11. Is your favorite band playing at this festival?

Who the hell knows?! I certainly don't.

I will give them half a credit for at least keeping the date and venue information legible. 

Reddit |  jebuz23

12. Well...I've got nothing for this one.

This is hair bleach. It looks like a children's cereal, but it's hair bleach. I'm an adult and I'm confused! Little Jimmy has no chance. 

Reddit |  kriburnsy

13. This is like three shirt designs mashed into one.

I think the intended message was "Born thirty years ago β€” established in 1987," but instead you get "Born in thirty year ago." 

Reddit |  FidelisScutum

14. Buy our juice boxes! They're a blend of whatever fruits we can find the cheapest!

But don't worry, we've made our packaging so that no matter what's in it, it's still technically correct!

Reddit |  stockystockat

15. I'm sure they thought this pun was very clever in the marketing department.

Unfortunately, it sounds like the hotel staff will be avoiding you for your whole visit. If there's a problem, let a team member know β€” if you can find one.

Reddit |  The_Nightman_82

16. I definitely had to take a second glance at this dress.

I feel bad, I mean, how would this woman know what it looks like from behind? This one falls completely on the designer. 


17. This seems perfectly acceptable, except for one small problem.

The braille is painted on! That's right, the raised alphabet explicitly intended to help visually impaired people is just flatly painted on the surface. Kind of useless, tbh. 

Reddit |  Thammarith

18. So, this is a thing, apparently.

It doesn't even look good! It isn't like practicality was sacrificed for style here! They look like fun house mirrors.  

Reddit |  Beanboy100

19. This is one way to save on the cost of soap.

It's pretty much impossible for anyone to get to the dispenser, let alone use too much soap. I really hope this wasn't the only soap in the whole washroom. 

Reddit |  Shram335

20.  Behold the prime example of mixed signals!

Question: did the establishment simply put stickers in the ashtrays they already have or did they actually order novelty non-smoking ashtrays from somewhere?

Reddit |  goodnight_hamlet

21. The placement of this switch prevents the door from doing its one job.

Look at the state of the door. Clearly people have been learning the hard way that the switch is blocking the door from closing.

Reddit |  cheesewedge12

22. Either whoever made this shirt is colorblind, orβ€” no, never mind. There's no other excuse for producing this shirt in white. 

Anyone wearing this deserves every weird look they get. 

Reddit |  SoldWifeForRp

23. Sure, name your bottled water after the Oregon Trail. What could possibly go wrong?

Just don't expect people to actually buy it. 

"Oregon Trail water! Totally not going to give you dysentery!"

Reddit |  NinjGames

24. Nothing looks classier in the kitchen than tile that looks like mold.

Like, you're standing in the store, looking at all the tile samples for your kitchen reno, and this is what you choose? 

Reddit |  iheartcatsandcoffee

25. I...I just can't.

Minions are annoying as it is, why would you want to rock one on your bikini? And even if they were a good fashion choice, why does it need to be making this face?

Reddit |  fine_drizzle

26. So, picture this:

Kid wants to be a writer (or whatever) and his parents are like, "No! Be an architect!", which is also not a real job, btw, and because he hates it, this is what we get.

Reddit |  LeyendaV

27. I have questions about this ad for Hostess Cupcakes.

Are those supposed to be penguins? And who thought it was a good idea to place a penguin making that face in that exact spot?

I guess we're lucky they didn't go with ducks...

Reddit |  DarthTheDaddy

28. When rearranging a department store's layout has unintended consequences.

No, it's not awkward at all to walk through a maze of ladies undergarments just to take a whiz. Totally normal for any guy. 

Reddit |  shemour

29. Fingers crossed no one needs assistance...

Maybe they just don't want to be disturbed!

Reddit |  stormwarrior12

30. Here's a handy awning to protect you from the rain β€” unless you want to sit on a bench.

Because you want your customers to be comfortable, but not too comfortable, right? 

Reddit |  ObscureCornball

31. I don't see what Roman numerals have to do with this company.

I mean, if it was called "Julius Caesar Electric," then maybe I'd get why they thought it fit. Still, don't make prospective clients translate your phone number!

Reddit |  Dankmemer60

32. Like this shirt, my worry always gets in the way of my being happy. 

Not sure if that makes this a fail or a win.

Reddit |  zapsquad

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