Tinfoil was — and still is — a huge item in my household! We use it for covering up leftovers, wrapping up sandwiches, and baking. Well, there was another way I used to use it as a kid. I cringe thinking about it now, but I used to bite down on the tinfoil and make fake grillz out of it! Embarrassing, I know. My teeth are hurting just thinking about it! It was so painful to bite down on the tinfoil, but being the little gangster I was, that didn't stop me from wearing my cool grillz. Other than that ridiculous use, we don't really get creative with tinfoil in my household. 

I'm all about DIYs and I love taking regular items we use every day and turning them into something cool! I was shocked to find out that there are so many creative ways to use tinfoil. What's awesome about these DIYs is that tinfoil is super cheap and can be used in so many different ways. Here are 11 different DIYs you can do with tinfoil! 


1. Tinfoil art 

Create a stunning art piece for your home without breaking the bank! All you need is a canvas, foil, Mod Podge, a foam brush, and scissors. Turn your tinfoil to the dull side and draw petals and one circle, then cut out the pieces you drew with scissors. Decide where you want to add the circle to the canvas and add Mod Podge to that area. Glue the circle, then you can place the petals around it, gluing them down with Mod Podge one by one. Once you're done, let your unique masterpiece dry overnight! 

2. Earrings

Even with all the jewelry I have, it still feels like it's never enough, hence the reason why I'm so in love with this DIY! All you need are two 4x4-inch and two 2x2-inch squares of tinfoil, superglue, two 2.25-inch lengths of chain, and ear studs. Crinkle up your 4×4 pieces of tinfoil and dab glue onto the center. Stick the end of your chain to the glue and start to form a ball around the chain. Repeat this for the other 4×4 piece, as well! Next, take your 2×2 piece of tinfoil and repeat the same process on the other end of the chain. Glue the ear studs onto the smaller tinfoil ball and let the glue dry before wearing. Once it's dry, you're safe to strut your stuff! These are so pretty, and with the tinfoil all bunched up in a circle, it kind of looks like a diamond! Making fine looking jewelry on a budget — I love it! 


3. Constellation Jar

Although I can't point out the big dipper, I love to gaze up at the stars. It's so relaxing and beautiful to look at. This awesome DIY will give you something to gaze at right in your room! All you need are a wide mouth jar, a disposable tinfoil cake pan, a small click light, an awl, and scissors. First, you need to cut a long strip from the cake pan and measure it out to be as tall as the jar. Use the awl to poke holes to create a constellation and use a silver marker to connect the constellation so it's easier to spot! Roll the aluminum sheet in the jar, turn the click light on, and place it inside. Close it off with the lid and enjoy your night! If I was doing this, which I probably will be doing tonight, I would do a Scorpio constellation because that's my sign. This would look so cute in my room!  

4. Nail art 

Upgrade your manicure with the cutest tinfoil design! First, use a decorative paper punch to punch out deigns from the tinfoil. Then, apply a topcoat to your nails, and while it's still tacky, place the punch out onto your nails. Apply another top coat to seal the tinfoil down and that's it — so easy and fast! I have a butterfly decorative paper punch and I'm definitely doing this at home!  


5. Tinfoil drawing

This is so beautiful and unique! I would have never thought that this was made out of tinfoil. It looks like an antique tile to me! Learn how to make it here!  

6. Bun cuff

Not only is this cute, but this DIY is so easy that you might think that there's a catch! Don't worry, there isn't; it's just a very fashionable DIY! All you need to do is fold your tinfoil into a cuff and glue on some cute buttons or beads. The days when I wear my hair in a bun will never be the same. Check out #9 to learn about another awesome way to use tinfoil for your hair! 


7. Photography background

I'm always looking for the right light to take my selfies. Shameless, I know. But I also love to take photos of others with my professional camera. Looking for a nice backdrop is the hardest thing, but tinfoil comes through with the perfect solution. Crumple up the tinfoil and tape it five to seven feet away from the subject you want to photograph. The results are so pretty, and I can't believe that it came from tinfoil! 

8. Dresser

That dresser is ugly! It's so scuffed up and worn out. I wonder how tinfoil will redesign this piece of furniture. We'll see how it turned out on the next page. It's an amazing transformation!



Whoa! I'm shocked that tinfoil transformed the look of this dresser! It's stunning and I would love to have it in my room! This was done by adding wallpaper paste and gluing tinfoil onto it. Press down firmly when applying the tinfoil so there are no air pockets. Once the foil is on and dry, scrub off the wallpaper paste residue with a damp cloth. Use one or two drops of acrylic paint so you can glaze the surface, and to give it a smoother finish, use three coats of polyacrylic paint. So pretty and unique, and you did it on your own! Love it! 

9. Outdoor river 

This is a perfect activity to do with your children on cooler days when they want to play in the water but you don't want them to get soaked. Take tinfoil, double it over, and then fold up the sides. Push down the center into the grass and add some rocks to the river. Have a hose run water from the top of the river and have a bucket at the bottom! This will be so much fun for your kids.  


10. Tinfoil curls

No curling iron? No problem! You can have your hair look so curly and cute with just tinfoil. I love this trick and I'm itching to try it out. 

YouTube | Jade Madden

11. Solar oven 

Those hot summer days are fast approaching, so why not take advantage of the blazing heat? Cook your food right under the sun with this cool tinfoil solar oven! Although it takes a little bit longer to cook, I would still use it for things like eggs or cookies. This is such a cool energy saving DIY

aleutianwind | Instructables
What's your favorite tinfoil DIY? Comment to let us know! 

Main image via Brit + Co 

Collage image via 1. Frugal Fun for Boys 2. YouTube / Jade Madden 3. Craftynail