We are a blue jean nation. No stitch of clothing says America like simple, classic denim. 

No wardrobe is complete without that one pair of jeans you just can't live without. Because finding a pair of jeans that fits just right and looks good is like finding a new best friend. You just want to high five those things before you pull them on in the morning.

Blue jeans have been involved in some pretty amazing things throughout the years, which really shouldn't come as a surprise considering their enduring popularity. But there's more to denim than meets the eye, so check out some of the craziest facts about jeans you'll ever hear.

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1. Skinny jeans put the greenback in peril.

Money is printed on a cotton-blend paper supplied solely by the Crane Company. About 30% of the cotton Crane used to make the paper came from scrap denim. But the denim used for skinny jeans contains stretchy materials like spandex, which ruins the cotton for the bank notes. So Crane had to scramble to find an alternate source of cotton to make up the shortfall.

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2. Levi's made Bing Crosby a custom denim tuxedo.

Back in 1951, when blue jeans signaled rebellious youth, Bing Crosby was denied entry to a hotel in Canada because he was decked out in denim. He eventually got a room because he was Bing Crosby. When Levi's heard the story, they made him a custom tuxedo.


3. Blue jeans helped win the Cold War.

Made glamorous by Hollywood, denim was in such high demand in the Soviet Union that people would spend a month's wages on a single pair of jeans — and some would commit crimes to get a pair. But the desire for jeans was even more ominous for the communist system. When the leadership found they couldn't kill the desire for denim, they tried to make their own. However, they couldn't match the quality available on the black market — which completely undercut the messages the Soviet leadership tried to send in its propaganda.

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4. Blue jeans are illegal in North Korea.

Perhaps learning from the Soviet Union, North Korea has outlawed denim as a symbol of the United States.

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