I bet you pride yourself on having good vision. You see what others usually can't, and you're the person that always finds something when other people can't find it. 

How good are your eyes though? Maybe your vision is better than you think and maybe only one test that is difficult enough can truly reveal your perceptual prowess. 

Well, I have the perfect eye test for you then. Can you find objects embedded in tons of other distractor objects? Let's see how you stack up to everyone else online...

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The point of the following puzzle is to find the object that doesn't fit among the others. 

In this case, you are supposed to find the '1' among a huge number of the letter 'I'. 

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Having trouble? Look closer.

reddit | notamustache

The trick is to take the puzzle line by line, which will require some major eye power.

Just take a deep breath and concentrate.

tumblr | newrider

Take a step back and scan! 

Let's see if you can find this easy one. We will let you know if you're right.

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