Final Product

Once your paint and caulk are all dry, give it a light misting with some clear sealant to weatherproof your Tiki creation. Put a couple of rocks or stones into the base of your container so that the wind doesn't blow it over.

Other Containers

You can use other materials to make smaller Tikis. Items such as a creamer containers or a small instant coffee jars work well. The solar light should fit directly into the mouth of the bottle. 



These would look great alongside your larger Tiki tower if you really want your backyard to pop with Polynesian summer style. The base of the solar light cell was painted here, so you can't even tell that there's a light on top. Happy building!

Let us know how your Tiki creations turned out!

h/t: Saws on Skates

Main and collage images via Saws on Skates