Dads make the best scapegoats, don't they? 

Come on, you know that if you didn't actually trust them, you wouldn't ever leave your children at home alone with them. We know that it's all an act. You need us!

We have a special technique, though. It's called efficiency, and we all use it. 

Check out these dads who would rather call laziness "efficiency."


1. There's a reason you're supposed to own an animal before having kids: it teaches you how to keep them entertained!

Kids love this game just as much as cats do. 

Reddit |  sethanold

2. This dad didn't quite want to prepare the avocado and pasta his wife left out to make for his son while she was away. 

What did he do instead? He decided to take a little trip to McDonald's to make things easier. It ends up being more difficult than making what she left out to begin with. 


3. Nourishing your growing child and playing Xbox? 

I never thought this dream was attainable until now. 

4. This man literally just saved hundreds of dollars on one of those fancy new-age soothing baby chairs. 

That kid will be asleep in no time. 

Reddit |  mehjabina

5. Look. This dad not only got exactly what his wife wanted, he made it as easy as possible to clean up.

"My mom asked my dad to a get an 'unconventional' tree that she 'didn't have to decorate.' Dad delivered," wrote a Reddit user.