Black and white (and their offspring, Gray) are classy AF. So many romantic movies are in black and white, not to mention the filters you use on Instagram. These shades make all the difference when you're looking to have something that won't compete with your outfit or require a redo when you change said outfit. Neutrality is key if you don't have time to change your nail design more than once a week so try some of these timeless designs and enjoy the freedom of cute and classic.


1. Movember Mani Madness

Movember or not, mustaches are awesome and totally in right now. Dressing up your usual french mani is so easy with these little 'staches! All you need is two dots and a tooth pick to pull the polish into that distinctive shape. SO cute!

2. Make It A Moo-nicure

Cow prints are awesome when you want to have some fun and surprise everyone with an unusual theme. Visiting a farm? Keep with the theme and see what those large and in charge ladies of the field think of you imitating their signature markings. They may even have you do their hooves to match!


3. A Puzzling Set Of Digits

No, this is not a math problem. Puzzles are another easy to draw shape and the degree of contrast makes them really easy to recognize

YouTube |  superWOWstyle!

4. White Tips And D.R.A.M.A.

If you're going to get these claws, you might as well make them stand out. A dramatic black polish with white tips does this nicely. Watch out, world!