My favorite movie growing up was The Little Mermaid. I watched it so many times my mom ended up hiding the VHS tape... remember those things? Anyway, I have lost my love for The Little Mermaid over the years, but I still love all the creatures. I also love crochet, so why not combine the two?

Take a look at these under the sea crochet creatures and let me know which is your favorite! 


1. Squirt the Sea Turtle 

He was always my favorite in Finding Nemo.

Etsy | Krawka

2. You can never have too many friends.

Especially when they are underwater sea creatures.

Etsy | luvbug026

3. Who says sharks have to be scary? 

Crochet | Critterbeans

4. If you are going to get the sharks, you should get the matching dolphins, too!

Etsy | Critterbeans