This three-year-old named Mateo puts up a good fight with his mom, Linda Beltran, on why he deserves a cupcake. The way he provides his arguments and stands his ground will make you see a little adult in the body of a little boy. It's hysterical seeing him imitate an adult in explaining why his little belly direly needs and deserves a cupcake. 1:30 is where he really tones up the sass

"Listen, Linda, look it, look it, listen"

Matthew repeats those words as he's consistently imploring his mother for the first minute of the video, attempting to get his mother's full attention and to get her to take his discussion seriously.  

Beltran explains why Mateo was so outspoken and was in such an adorable heated argument:

"If Mateo feels the need and has a valid argument, he will be sure to voice it. He felt he didn’t need to eat dinner since he already had lunch, and that cupcakes were a suitable compromise."

Beltran explains that her son calling her by her first name is in no way a form of disrespect. He learned their first names on a trip to an amusement park where a kid had lost his parents but couldn't identify their names. Matthew just found another smart way to use this information: in convincing arguments on why he needs to eat a cupcake. 

"For the most part we are still Mommy and Daddy, but when he is serious and wants to make sure we are paying attention, we quickly become Linda and Kenneth,” she said

If you've never heard a three year old tell his mom to listen while calling her by her first name and adding a sassy "honey" at the end, then you just have to watch this video.

Seriously, sassiest and funniest three year old ever.

Source: Uber Conference