Most of us learned our skills in the kitchen from watching other people. This means that every bad habit, every incorrect assumption, and every misinformation that they cooked under was passed on to you and you unassumingly adapted it, thinking it was right. Don't worry! I'm about to clear it all up for you. From ways to cook that you have never even heard of, to things you're (probably) doing wrong, I'm about to lay it all out for you. Your chef skills are about to be sharpened. I hope you're ready for this. 

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1. Stewed beef shouldn't be cooking ALL day

There is this idea that the longer the beef cooks, the better it will be. This is false. The meat actually breaks down and dries out when it's cooked too long. For the best meat, you should actually check in on what's happening when 80% of the cooking time is up. 

2. Perfect pasta starts with cheese paste

While tomato sauce is delicious, and alfredo sauce is decadent, you're missing out on an amazingly perfect sauce because you have never tried this. This sounds like crazy talk, but by grating cheese (parmesan and romano), add in pepper, and a small amount of cold water, you can make a cheese paste. This cheese paste, combined with the salted pasta water, ends up making this wonderful cheese sauce that is going to become one of your favorite ways to eat pasta once you try it. 

Shane Ferro |  Business Insider

3. The perfect turkey isn't complicated

To brine or not to brine. Slow cooker? Roasting pan? Secret spice rub? Basting? Don't baste? People have strong opinions on what makes the best turkey. BUT if you just strip it down to the basics, here is the perfect uncomplicated way to cook a turkey. 

Emma Christensen |  The Kitchn

4. If you're not par-cooking your filling, you're not making your apple pie correctly 

Okay, so I know that this goes against what SEEMS right, but par-cooking your filling will actually ensure that your apples don't turn to mush when you bake them. Because, science.