12. When you're a parent, controlling where your kid goes is huge, and here's yet another way to get the job done. 

Save a boat load of cash using old tension rods to make baby gates. They look better, too! 

13. Tension rods can also be used to protect children from falling books. 

Kids love to try to reach for objects up high — this can easily lead to something heavy falling on them. Not anymore!


14. I don't know about you, but my kids love to unravel toilet paper. 

No longer, I say! Wrap a hair band around your toilet paper to prevent them (and your pets) from unraveling the entire roll. 

Baby Prepping - ckandnate

15. Travel with your children often?

Keep those little fingers out of outlets with band aids or duct tape. It definitely doesn't look good but, hey, you aren't home, right?