4. Keep your cabinets closed with an elastic. 

You definitely have these already! Keeping your kids away from those cleaning chemicals is crucial. 

5. If you are concerned your child may become lost in a public setting, try this hack. 

Write your phone number on them and cover it with translucent liquid bandage. Your kid probably won't want to have it on them for too long, but luckily, it comes off pretty easily with soap and water. 


6. If you don't want to give your child a temporary tattoo, you can make a bracelet with your phone number on it. 

There's so much you can do with them, too. You can also spell out important health information on it as well, like food allergies or psychological conditions. 

Ebay |  74flyers75

7. This is key for those youngins who haven't quite gotten their balance/footing in the tub. 

Put a laundry basket in the bathtub to contain your child's toys so they don't slip around the tub or bonk their head on the faucet. Simple, but effective.