Just as mental illness affects everyone differently, so, too, do treatments and coping methods. And as you learn how to help a loved one with their depression and anxiety, sometimes you need to get creative.

A guy posted a picture of a jar of colored popsicle sticks and said he had made a present for his girlfriend, who suffers from severe depression and anxiety. 


If she picks an orange stick, she'll get to read an inspirational quote. 

Reddit |  bovadeez

A yellow stick has a reminder on it, like "You're beautiful" or "It's okay to ask for help." 

The pink ones give her tips on how to relax like listening to a favorite song, going for a walk, or taking a relaxing shower. 

And the blank sticks are for her. She can write whatever she wants on them, like a moment or a thing that made her happy. Then, whenever she's feeling down, she can read it and remember.

Everyone deals with their mental illness in a different way. Maybe you know someone who could use a present like this!

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