Nobody gets plastic surgery and hopes to come out looking worse than before. But some celebs seem to take it too far and it ruins the reputation that plastic surgery has. On the other hand, some stars go under the knife and come out looking pretty fantastic. It's not that they weren't gorgeous before, but their decision to alter a few things is their own – and we're glad it worked out for them!

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1. Getting plastic surgery doesn't mean you'll turn out having a botched, frozen mess of a body. Just take a look at these celebs...

2. It can't be easy being a Jenner girl living in a Kardashian world. Kylie has always been one gorgeous girl, but she decided she wanted to plump up those lips of hers. 


3. Although there was a lot of controversy about getting it done at such a young age... it works for her. We're obsessed with her full lip look! 

4. Kate Hudson has always been beautiful, and the looks definitely run in the family – just look at Golide Hawn! But she decided to get some subtle breast enhancements.