It's pretty amazing how people can look just like their parents. Genetics are seriously a crazy thing. You see the resemblances in Hollywood ALL the time, and it never fails to freak us out. We came up with a list of celebs who look just like their mom or dad, and photoshopped their faces side by side to see the similarities. We promise you're about to be totally blown away by this — and you'll probably end up doing a double take or two. Don't say we didn't warn you!


1. A lot of people say that Gigi Hadid looks just like her mother, Yolanda. 

SELF Steve Granitz / Getty Images Just Jared Bravo

2. Even putting Bella next to Yolanda is freaking us out. The model gene definitely runs in the family. 

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3. Miley Cyrus is definitely her mother's daughter, that's for sure!


4. Now we know where Demi Lovato gets her fabulous smile from! 

Demi Lovato Wiki billboard Jeremy Chan / Getty Images