Michael used to cover his kid's faces with scarves and masks leaving what they looked like a mystery. As he grew up Blanket still shied away from the media so we haven't seen too much of him lately. But, we recently caught a glimpse of Blanket and we can't believe it! He looks exactly like his father Michael!


Blanket Jackson was born February 21, 2002.

His mother was an unknown surrogate but you can already see the resemblance to dad Michael!

Michael's connections and celebrity put Blanket in the arms of some pretty important people.

Bill Clinton even welcomed the young Jackson into the world!


Blanket is the baby of the family and Michael doted on his youngest son!

Blanket has been in the public eye and in the middle of a controversy since he was born, starting when Michael dangled him off a balcony!

Michael later apologized and said he was just excited about showing off his new son, but this incident still continues to haunt the pop star's legacy.