The Kill Room in Dexter is intricate, bloody and kind of wonderful. Anyone who's watched Dexter has wished they could have their own Kill Room.

Oh, wait.

Just me?

Well, then... moving on.

A lot goes into making Dexter special — from the knives to the poor actors under all that plastic wrap. Here's a few kind of neat — and kind of bloody — facts about Dexter and his wonderful bloody life.


1. Dexter has killed about 117 people.

Wow. That's a lot...

2. Dexter originally had 45 blood slides before his box was destroyed. He now has about 43 slides.


3. The fake blood is a mix of maple syrup, food coloring, peppermint oil, and Dawn dish soap!

The peppermint oil keeps away the bugs, and dish soap helps the fake blood wash out of sets and clothes!

4. The chainsaws and knives in the Kill Room are all real. The blades have been dulled, but they could still do some serious damage!


5. Joshua Meltzer is the prop master on Dexter. He's also worked on Vampire Diaries and Reno 911!

6. When Dexter is at work he dresses in light clothing, but as the 'Dark Passenger', he dresses in dark clothing.

I didn't realize it was so complicated!


7. The actors on the table are actually naked. The only thing they wear is a tiny g-string!

That's a bit awkward!

8. The pools of blood that don't need to be interacted with are actually acetate and are about as thin as a few pieces of paper.


9. The syringe Dexter uses contains a tranquilizer more powerful than morphine. It can only be acquired with a DEA license.

10. The way the victims are strapped to the table has changed, mostly because the actors were kind of suffocating from being wrapped in plastic wrap.

Their skin couldn't breathe!


11. There are two times in Season 8 where a body cast is used as a dead body instead of an actual actor.

Can you spot when?

12. The blood that flies up on Dexter is all practical – not CGI. There is a sprayer under the camera that sprays blood on him!


13. Michael C. Hall uses a fake knife with a small pump when he cuts into his victims. All he has to do is press down as he moves the knife and the blood comes out!

Pretty neat!

14. The block of ice that those creepy nails were stuck in was actually acetate.

The fingers were silicone!


15. The scripts are followed word for word, with no improvisation allowed.

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