With all the hype around fashion trends and beauty hacks these days, it's no surprise that there are some things that we might want to rethink.

Here's a list of trends that we might not find so hot 20 years from now.


1. The Kylie Lip Obsession

I think we already know that this was a regrettable trend. 

Some took the big lip thing a little too far, leaving semi-permanent damage to their face and permanent embarrassment online. In 20 years, I have a feeling some of these girls will regret posting their Kylie looks.

Twitter |  @_zoeymcguire

2. Excessive Contouring.

Another trend that we can blame the Kardashians for is the magical dark art of contouring. After being hyped a little too hard on Instagram, some beauty gurus have taken contouring to the next, regrettable level. 

We'll definitely be cringing about those carved cheekbones in the future.

YouTube |  Jackie Aina

3. Excessive Highlighting.

Along with the marvels of contouring came its evil twin sister — the highlight.

I seriously don't understand why girls on Instagram had to take a nice thing like looking like a literal glowing angel and turn it into...well, this. I don't think anyone will be showing their kids evidence of a time when their nose put Rudolph to shame.

Instagram |  @browgame - YouTube |  Jackie Aina

4. That Whole Yeezy Moth-Ate-My-Clothes Trend.

This trend is absolutely cringeworthy for all generations to come, not just ours. 

I'm seriously praying that in 20 years, this horrible hole-in-shirt trend will be the kind of thing that we're too embarrassed to even talk about. 

5. Mom jeans.

Seriously, why did these ever come back? Please go back to the '90s and stay there. 

I have a dream of a future 20 years from now where everyone will wear pants that actually flatter their figures instead of making them look like actual blobs.

Tumblr |  itsvondell