I do not have a green thumb. Each spring I stare out at my freshly thawed garden with fear and resignation. Then I call my dad to ask him to deal with it. 

I think I could handle a small terrarium, though. I think. Maybe. Join me in the experiment, won't you? 


1. A pretty mug planter.

Proof that you don't even need to buy a special planter for your tiny garden. Just don't try to drink from the wrong mug when you're blearily reaching for that first cup of coffee.

2. Tiny spice jar gardens.

These are adorable and so easy to make!


3. Or teeny wall gardens.

An accent wall would look awesome covered with these beautiful magnetic terrariums!

4. Hang one in a teardrop.

Instructables |  noahw

The hole in the side allows air in, as well as providing an easy access point for the occasional spritz of water.