We all do things to ourselves that aren't particularly good for us. We beat ourselves up, we make ourselves feel guilty, we make others happy at our own expense. The list is endless. Thing is, we forget to take care ourselves. We live with ourselves more than anyone else, so why do we do that? 

Here are 25 things to stop doing to yourself RIGHT NOW. 


1. Don't spend time with the wrong people

We often care too much about what other people think of us, and sometimes we put a ton of effort into having them in our lives. If the person really cares about you, they'll make time and room for you. The people who matter the most are the people who are there during the worst parts of your life, not the best. 

2. Stop sweeping your problems under the rug.

Or, in essence, stop running from your problems. You can't fix something unconsciously because it just doesn't work like that. Instead, focus and try your best. Do you remember solving a complex calculation instantly? Most of us don't, and life is the same way. Facing these problems is what will eventually make you who you are.

3. Stop lying to yourself.

Lying to yourself is the worst thing you can do because you'll trick yourself into doing things that hurt you. Be honest with yourself and your life will improve drastically.

4. Stop putting your needs last.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with taking care of others and doing good for them, but when it comes at the expense of yourself, you're doing yourself a disservice. Don't forget: you're special, too!

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5. Stop being someone else. 

Look. You are who you are and that's how it'll always be. Stop trying to be something that you aren't. The world is always trying to make people more similar, something they really aren't. You have to be prettier, stronger, younger, etc. There are products that push this and media that reinforce it. In the end, be who you are. If you love and respect yourself then people who deserve you will love you.