This is the work of Stephen Lund of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Stephen is a cyclist living on the tiny island off the coast of Vancouver and when he combines his love of cycling and his mapping app, Strava, he creates some pretty neat art. Art I couldn't replicate with a pencil, two hands and a step-by-step Bob Ross video.

Stephen has a lot more time on his hands than I do. He also is far, far more artistic than I am and, sadly, is able to navigate a map better then I can, too. And when he combines his free time, art and his God-level navigational prowess, cool things happen.

His website is also chalk full of puns and corny titles. A man after my own heart. 

Some fun facts about Stephen's work: 1) Since starting his sketches in 2015, he's produced more than 80 pieces of work. 2) Each image averages about 43 miles (70km). 3) In November, 2015, Stephen spoke about his art at a TEDx event in Victoria. 

Keep up the awesome artwork and crappy puns, Stephen. I'm a fan. And to pay homage to your work, I too have littered this article with cringe-worthy puns and such.

Enjoy :)


1. Stephen doesn't usually bike to that neck of the woods.

2. Here we see a pilgrim choking the chicken...ahem...turkey.


3. How wildly appropriate David's nether-regions begin on Walnut St.