Sometimes things in life backfire...heck, sometimes your whole life backfires and what seemed like a good idea at the time leaves you standing there, caked in that black powder that cartoon characters get covered in after an explosion. Anyway, just to make you feel a little better, here are 40 people who know that exact struggle!


1. This relaxing bubble bath

Tumblr |  surfspupp

2. The logo placement that spoke the truth


3. The romantic gift that turned into a something a little more sinister 

reddit |  djmushroom

4. Saving money by dyeing your hair at home doesn't sound like a bad idea...

Twitter |  @Rebecca___R

The irony is so strong in the next one, I can taste it...

5. I don't have to explain this one to you guys, do I?

reddit |  to_be_quite_frank

6. This college hashtag campaign 

Imgur |  TankTheTurtle

7. This person who thought they could actually build something from IKEA...what a chump!

8. This sentimental yearbook quote...not in any way ironic...

Imgur |  Eukodol

9. This first driving lesson in the parking lot 

reddit |  domechromer

10. This attempt at a Valentine's Day bouquet

Twitter |  @why_not_flowers

11. Cooking pizza drunk always seems like a good idea

reddit |  dusty1993

12. It turned out pretty well...until you started thinking...

Instagram |  @livingthepettylife

All I can say about the next one is let's hope no one gets eaten...

13. This attempt to give a "stray dog" a new home

Twitter |  @brookeondayog

14. This attempt not to drink and drive

reddit |  elsewhere1

15. That attempt to relive your childhood is always bittersweet 

reddit |  No1s_Perfect

16. This attempt to win back your ex

Reddit |  nullbence

The drunken hookup isn't the only regret in the next picture...

17. Red lipstick always seems like a good idea

Instagram |  @theonlywayisbanter

18. So you wanted an authentic nature experience...

reddit |  thevato

19. "It'll be out before you know it..."

reddit |  rydog12145

20. Have fun in the ER 

reddit |  MakeMeASandw1ch

Usually McDonald's after a night out is a bad idea...but not in the next girl's case...

21. Why not break in those new heels tonight? 

Instagram |  @hilariousblacks

22. "Tell her how you feel, they said...What do you have to lose? They said..."

Instagram |  @hilariousblacks

23. This attempt to cleanup trim the ivy 

Reddit |  this_bores_me

24. WOW. You should not have done that

Instagram |  @isawitandii

25. This person posted before thinking things entirely through.

Reddit |  poccoscfc

26. I'm sure the parents are wishing they hadn't left their child alone with the roll of tape right about now. 

Reddit |  [deleted]

27. There's only going to be one winner by the end of this game.

Imgur |  thund3rbolt

28. This girl who just realized that maybe she doesn't like "Sorry" that much.

And now it's too late. Not to say sorry, of course, but well, you get it...

Reddit |  @mjbatt

29. I'm always up for a wild game of checkers but...

No one can possibly love the game that much, can they?

Imgur |  Paperkut

30. "I heard glasses make you look smarter".

Imgur |  Paperkut

31. I mean, if this is the only way he's going to learn not to put sand in his mouth, then so be it.

Instagram |  @yin__ko

32. It might be hard to tell because he's a Lego piece, but this is the true face of regret.

And trust me, I know Lego expressions.

Reddit |  ShawnX232

33. And here it is in the flesh.

A spitting image, really.

Reddit |  xsited1

34. It's okay, there's plenty of other fish in the sea...

None of them look as good swimming the 100-meter butterfly though

Instagram |  @masturhbating

35. What would compel someone to do such a thing? 

Reddit |  Double-decker_trams

36. That's an unpleasant say the least.

Reddit |  waxlrose

37. Who could have predicted that future-you would be such a sucker?

Reddit |  whatsup280

38. I'm sorry to say that you can't just brush this one off.


39. As somebody who is currently on week two, I can say that the struggle is oh so real.

Tonight's dinner is the leftover Ramen noodles from last night's dinner. 

40. I want to say nice try but I can't bring myself to do it.

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