16 Awful Things That Make Us Ask 'Why Tho?'

Diply 30 Jan 2018

Hey, even if you're making something terrible, that's no excuse to do a half-assed job of it. Pride of craftsmanship can be its own reward — which is great, because in the case of the things below, that's about all they have going for them.

The rest is...decidedly questionable.

1. The Nintendo Zapper was a great toy for an 8-year-old to hunt ducks on a screen in 1986. Modeling a real gun after this toy? Not the best idea.

Reddit | grandmaphobia

But hey, if you're going to make a gun look like a toy, do it right.

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2. Most waiting rooms at dentist's offices are calm, soothing places for people who are nervous about having their mouths prodded with sharp instruments.

Reddit | Panda_911

This one goes in a totally different direction, with startling anatomical precision.

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3. Even if you could see yourself while you're listening to music, would you want headphones made from seashells encased in lucite?

Reddit | leozik

I guess if you had to, you'd want these seashell headphones.

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4. If you absolutely have to make your house stick out, a leopard print and Burberry plaid paint job will do the trick.

Reddit | WalkerInDarkness

And it's a masterful paint job, you have to admit.

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5. You have to admit, the buttons and holes on shirts are an often overlooked opportunity for fashion designers to try things.

Reddit | thebayallday

And if they were going to try eye buttons that go through eye socket holes, it would look like this. You know, in case you want to wear your nightmares.

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6. Speaking of wearing your nightmares, cobra cowboy boots.

Reddit | chondroguptomourjo

Usually, you have to check your boots to see if a snake is sleeping inside, but these puppies should scare everyone and everything away.

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7. You know, I get wanting to have a whimsical, sea-themed faucet set with dolphins and the like. 

Reddit | Chrisdachron

It's shiny and chrome, and the sink is a unique showpiece. But why does the dolphin have to look so furious?

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8. Cold weather isn't just unpleasant — it's also an opportunity to give strangers a good jump scare with a balaclava like this.

Reddit | I_Chief_I

Crazy cat lovers need to stay warm too!

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9. Do you think maybe someone might stomp on their brakes if they saw a big red hippo in their rearview mirror?

Reddit | dreaming-md

The eyes on the hood are the crowning glory, but notice how the side mirrors are ears? That's attention to detail.

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10. You won't mix your finger wrench up with anyone else's!

Reddit | realityfreelife

Those fingers probably make it a terrible wrench, but that hand is a dang work of art.

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11. Recycling is a great idea. Bean bag chairs are awesome. Re-using old jeans by turning them into a jean bag chair? Well, that's different.

Reddit | ehzstreet

Admit it, you're kind of amazed right now.

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12. On April 15, 1912, the Titanic sank, taking more than 1,500 people down with it in one of the worst maritime disasters in history. Here it is as an inflatable slide for a kids' party.

Reddit | BigCballer

But hey, that's one heck of a slide.

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13. I promise, if I ever want to get anything airbrushed on my ride, I will look up the artist who did this.

Reddit | Shootsomewolves

But under no circumstances will I get them to do this.

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14. It must take a special kind of dedication to tattoo a face on the back of your head and cut your hair to give the face eyebrows and a mustache.

Reddit | youdontknowimadog

That, and a barber with a steady hand.

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15. Guys, I think we can all agree that unless you're absolutely bursting, you'd have a difficult time striding up to a beautifully sculpted nun for a good pee.

Reddit | 3PinkPotatoes
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16. Sure, we all call the toilet our throne, but this person took it to another level altogether, with some disco ball styling and lion's head hand grips.

Reddit | thebayallday

You know, when you need a little extra moral support for those white-knuckled post-Taco Bell trips.

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