I don't know what it is about men, but they take whatever you say and then apply it in the most literal, oversimplified way possible. Whether it's instructions that they don't quite understand or just when they reply to "do you want chicken or beef for dinner?" with a simple "yes," it seems to be a common problem. At best, it's cute. At worst, it's downright infuriating. 

For the poor women forever shackled to their lovable little numbskulls, the only thing they can really do is laugh about it. 


1. She asked him to whip the cream, not obliterate it.

Hey, it works, right?

reddit | Lilaflockensocke

2. His idea of "playing with the baby."

No, playing on your iPad doesn't count.

reddit | mwvc

3. This poor guy thought you could dry a shirt in the microwave. I wish!

reddit | NotKay

4. The wife asked him to pack a bag for the baby -_-

reddit | mouthfulof