One of the hardest things anybody will ever do is lose weight. It's right up there with quitting smoking but, in the same vein, it can also have one of the biggest impacts on quality—and quantity—of life. Being overweight leads to all kinds of health problems, and the more weight you gain, the harder it is to lose it. You feel tired. You feel overwhelmed. You feel resigned. Your joints hurt from all the weight you're carrying around, making it harder to exercise. You feel stuck.

There's good news though. People lose weight every day—and lots of it. The transformations are tremendous and profound, and not just physical. It's possible, and it's worth it. 


Tired of being overweight and all the negatives that come with it, Ronnie Brower determined to turn his life around. It worked. His motivation and dedication paid off as he lost an incredible 425 lbs. over 700 days.

Facebook | 600 lbs to Success

Some other amazing transformations:

1. Imgur user jsalsb lost 138 lbs. over 17 months.

imgur | jsalsb

2. Reddit user SethIdol started out at 660 lbs and at the time of the picture, he weighed 285 lbs.

reddit | SethIdol

3. Reddit user denovosibi lost 140 lbs. over 19 months. 

reddit | denovosibi