Whether it's an old shirt turned into an infinity scarf or an empty candle jar that's used as a storage container, taking something that would have otherwise landed in the trash and finding an alternative purpose for it is one of the best things you can do — not only for your bank account, but also for your inner creative. Upcycling is super fun, and the possibilities are endless, which means that if you can imagine it, chances are, you can create it.

One of the best items you can use for upcycling is an empty Pringles container. Their shape, size, and the fact that most of us probably have at least one that's about to end up in the recycling bin make them the perfect product for DIYing. To see some of the ways that you can turn what was once a tube of chips into a useful household accessory, take a look at this awesome list of DIY possibilities!    


1. Easter Canisters

Easter is just around the corner! If you're looking for a fun and creative gift idea for friends and family, why not try these adorable bunny canisters? With a bit of imagination, a regular Pringles can is transformed into a festive treat!

2. Straightener Storage

Keep your most important hair styling tool at your finger tips with this clever DIY project.


3. Plastic Bag Dispenser

Take control of your plastic bag collection by upcycling a chip can into a cute dispenser! It can be kept in the front closet, the trunk of your car, or even your purse!

4. Pasta Holder

If you want your pantry to always look its very best, clean and tasteful storage containers are a must. Moving things, like pasta noodles, into Pringles containers is a great way to organize while also adding a bit of personality to your cupboards!


5. Brush Holder

Having a neatly organized set of brushes is essential. Whether they're for painting or makeup application, you want to make sure the tools you need are easily accessible at all times in order to avoid wasting time or making mistakes!

6. Bird Feeder

Creating a bird feeder out of an old Pringles can and some peanut butter is a great way to pass the time. It's a cheap project that anyone can enjoy!


7. Candles

Not only is this craft a perfect upcycling project for Pringles cans, it's also an easy way to get rid of leftover wax from your favorite candles that no longer have wicks to burn. 

8. Rustic Rock Vase

Who knew a can of chips could be so beautiful? If you're feeling really creative, this DIY is perfect for you! Covering a Pringles can with rocks and grout creates a centerpiece that would work for any beachy tablescape.


9. DIY Bangles

Never buy another bangle again! Creating your very own set of customized, eco-friendly bangles is so easy, it's unbelievable! Gather your favorite ribbons and fabrics, and pair them with a bit of time and creativity to produce a personal line of fashionable accessories. 

10. Concrete Candle Holders

It's amazing how pretty concrete can look with a bit of effort and imagination. Using it in your decor is a great way to create a trendy, industrial look with any budget!


11. Cotton Pad Dispenser

A pretty vanity is a great way to add personality to even the smallest of bathrooms. If you don't have a lot of space to fill your vanity with fun, decorative accents, while also using it to hold your everyday essentials, why not kill two birds with one stone by combining them? Something diehard DIYers are great at is creating practical projects that are also pretty to look at, like this homemade cotton pad dispenser! 

12. Gift Wrap Stand

Wrapping paper can be a royal pain to store, but a quick search online will reveal an endless list of ways to organize this household staple. One of my favorite ideas is this chic, trendy gift wrap stand that utilizes a collection of spray painted Pringles cans!


Main image via Neon Rattail

Collage images via 1. Fab You Bliss 2. Diagnoosi: Sisustusmania 3. Vorstellung von Schön