16. In Portugal:

In Portugal, it is bad luck to walk backwards because it teaches the devil your path (via Europe's Not Dead)


17. In Egypt:

In Egypt, it's seen as very bad luck to open and close a pair of scissors without cutting anything. What's even worse is leaving them open! It's said that you're cutting evil spirits that linger in the air, and they'll get mad (via Someday I'll Be There)

18. In Bulgaria:

It's actually good luck to have a bird poop on you! (via liza dare)

19. In Italy:

Some people in Italy are said to fear Friday the 17th because the Roman numeral XVII can be arranged to make the word "VIXI" which means "my life is over" in Latin (via National Geographic)

20. In Spain:

In Spain, it is believed to be bad luck to enter a room with your left foot (via Europe's Not Dead)