Sometimes, you have to fall back on rudimentary, desperate, college student-level engineering just to get through the day. Don't I know it. Why suffer a broken shoelace when you can zip-tie your sneakers up for the rest of the day?

And we sure do hope that most of these solutions were of the temporary sort. Because as permanent fixes, they tend to leave much to be desired. But you can't say they're not creative!


1. Forks are always the first piece of cutlery to go in the break room.

So, good news, now you know what to do the next time you're left without a fork at lunchtime!

Reddit |  ciaran_palmer

2. You don't have to remove the stain from the carpet if you just remove the carpet.

How much carpet you remove is 100% up to you. Bonus: You don't have to use harsh cleaning chemicals, so you have that going for you.

Reddit |  gnerdalot

3. Most people would just open up a window or two if their cooking kept setting off their smoke detector.

Or, you know, stop cooking. But, I guess propping up a plastic bowl over the thing works as well.

Reddit |  JoeySalamander

4. High fives to this guy, who won't let a rundown phone battery stop him from listening to his tunes while he waits for his train.

Let his determination be an inspiration to us all.

Reddit |  BMWBeme