No matter how it turns out, it's hard not to feel a swell of pride when we can look at something and say "I made this." Even if everybody who listens to your mixtape forgets to smile until you make eye contact, nobody can take that accomplishment away from you.

And that's pretty much the attitude I've decided to take with the things that these people did. After all, it's a lot easier than trying to understand them.


1. You know, the fact that the conversation can still happen with all this going on is impressive enough.

Because unless this guy has the world's loudest voice, I don't know how he's speaking over both the fan and the vacuum cleaner.

Instagram |  @pablopiqasso

2. I can't say I even thought about what this tastes like, but I'm still impressed that somebody found out.

And for a second, I was surprised by the low price for such a massive culinary innovation, but I guess it's kind of a hard sell.

Reddit |  FrankMudrake

3. Don't ask me what purpose these things serve, but somebody definitely made them with care. We can be sure of that.

And since I have to focus on something here or my brain will cave in, why do they have Play-Doh socks?

Reddit |  adudeguyman

4. Honestly, there's no context for this photo that isn't at least a little impressive.

As much as I'd like to dream big and say this guy has finally mastered the art of walking on the ceiling, I highly doubt it. But even if he's doing a one-handed handstand, then that's still super impressive. 

Reddit |  kamykkck