Change is a good thing, and trying out a new hairstyle is a great way to embrace it. 

Whether you're bored of your current cut or you were inspired by something on the 'gram (ahem, unicorn hair), you should never be afraid to try something new.

However, when it comes to haircuts, some changes are...better than others...


1. Try: the wavy bob

Gone are the days when long hair was all anybody ever wanted. The wavy bob is great at framing your face's shape and makes you look like a super cute vixen in the process!

Instagram |  @lisalordhair

2. Avoid: the lady mullet

You may also know this one as the reverse mullet. It's party in the front, business in the back, and although we all love 2-for-1 deals, maybe haircuts should just stay singular. 


3. Try: a pixie cut with some flare

Don't be afraid of the pixie! 

We know that short haircuts can be terrifying for some people, but if you sprinkle them with a little personality, your whole perception can change.

Instagram |  @dahairwiz

4. Avoid: super short fringe bangs

The fringe trend started in the '50s, but nearly 70 years later, it's a lot harder to rock. 

That being said, if your entire style is '50s glam or your aesthetic is light-years into the future like Die Antwoord's Yolandi (pictured), then feel free to ignore this.

Instagram |

5. Try: a mid-length cut with long layers

What if you have long hair but can't commit to a major snip? Go for a medium-length cut and split the difference!

Instagram |  @dondyed

6. Avoid: a mushroom cut

This is why people are so afraid of short hair. If you just plop a bowl on your head and start snippin' (thanks a lot, Mom) you're going to end up with the world's most made-fun-of haircut.


7. Try: a layered cut for curly hair

Layers are great for curly hair because they give your locks a dose of dimension. Layers will also give you a ton of balanced volume.

Instagram |  @orgulhodoscachos

8. Avoid: a straight-across cut for curly hair

Straight cuts don't work for curly hair, not unless you want to look like Patty and Selma (our guess is that no, you really, really do not).


9. Try: long, soft layers

Add a little depth to your long locks with soft, subtle layers. Not only will your head feel lighter, but the layers will also add volume to otherwise limp hair.

Instagram |  @guy_tang

10. Avoid: insanely long hair

Unless you're going for a Guinness World Record, absurdly long hair isn't a great style choice because it takes the focus away from your face. Not to mention that caring for it is both expensive and time-consuming. 


11. Try: a long, straight cut

This cut appears pretty basic at first glance, but there are a lot of styles a straight cut can do that other cuts just can't. Case in point: glam waves.

Instagram |  @guy_tang

12. Avoid: a rat tail

If you currently have a rat tail, we will chop it off for you, free of charge. Seriously.

Rat tails belong on rats. End of story. 


13. Try: an edgy cut

Spice things up a little and embrace your inner rebel with an edgy cut. You can even use colors to up the ante — embrace being different! 


14. Avoid: a half-shaved head

Not too long ago, this was a trending haircut. We blame Skrillex.

While it looks super cool when it's freshly cut, it also takes a ton of upkeep, and there's no cute way to grow it out. 


15. Try: a short, blunt cut

This is one way to look super chic. Unlike other haircuts, this one requires very little maintenance to look on point. You'll be set with merely a straightener. 

Instagram |  @womens_haircuts

16. Avoid: a mullet

Hopefully, this one is self-explanatory. Unless you are Rihanna, the one celebrity who can pull off literally any style, you should give the mullet a hard pass. 

Instagram |  @badgalriri

17. Try: something funky

There's nothing wrong with adding a bit of pizzazz to your haircut. Liven it up with sharp wisps and short layers. Top it off with rainbow colors for a real groovy look. 

Instagram |  @womens_haircuts

18. Avoid: a long wispy cut

Wispy hair was uber popular in the early 2000s, but it's a tad outdated almost 20 years later. This cut involves sharp layers that wisp outwards when you blow-dry them. 

But no shade on Josie and the Pussycats. That movie was everything in 2001.

YouTube |  take-me-to-nolan-ross

19. Try: a fun wig

Not quite ready to commit to a dramatic cut? Instead, invest in one or two interesting wigs. That way, you can play around with colors and cuts without dedicating yourself to a single look.

Instagram |  @kyliejenner

20. Avoid: a medieval tonsure

We see you, monks of the Middle Ages. This one is similar to a bowl cut, only it's typically shaved like a bald spot.

Basically, it's what would happen if the half-shaved cut and the bowl cut had an ugly baby.