Any girl knows that trying to be beautiful is hard AF.

With so many products and procedures out there, chances are, something is bound to go wrong. 

While things like tattooed makeup are obviously a greater risk, even a calming face mask could be more dangerous than you think.

Let these horrible beauty attempts be a formal warning — pretty much every new thing you try could be a huge disaster. 


1. Charcoal paste does whiten your teeth, but I can't say the same for your sink.

This person has taken it upon themselves to share with us the reality that is brushing your teeth with charcoal. They don't show this in the advertisements.

Instagram |  @tizzy1718vegan

2. Eyelash extensions are way more affordable than you think.

Anyone who doesn't have money for eyelash extensions should give this makeup technique a try. Just try not to blink, and no one will be able to tell the difference.

Instagram |  @hair.add.ict

3. After seeing the total destruction of this palette, I'm wondering if it's worth a taste. 

The creators of the Two Faced Chocolate Bar Palette did an outstanding job at making it smell exactly like chocolate: she didn't even know the difference.

Instagram |  @shadesofsnobs

4. If you had any doubt about the power of makeup, you now stand corrected.

With great power, comes great responsibility... This is what it looks like when power falls into the wrong hands. Someone take this woman's makeup away!

Instagram |  @meme.soldier

5. If my makeup ever betrayed me like that, I'd want my eyebrows tattooed on, too.

I want to make a Kickstarter campaign to fund this girl's tattooing. Even her eyebrows look upset with this reality.

Instagram |  @dannibee2690

6. When your hairdresser asks how many layers you want, and you reply "a lot."

I think this hair stylist may have been having a bad day. One can only hope that she fixed it for free.

Instagram |  @beautydisastors

7. This just goes to show that even when you have good intentions, life will still do you dirty. 

This is just a disaster. I don't even want to know what Lydia's kitchen smelt like after this. 

Twitter |  @LydiaAnn123

8. The 5,000th attempt feels like it will be the lucky one. 

Don't even bother with these magnetic eyelashes because this girl has made enough attempts for all of us. Some things really are too good to be true.

Instagram |  @marenaholzinger

9. Anyone who has ever had a fake tan before won't find a more relatable photo.

Many, many sheets will be ruined! Don't wait for disaster: think ahead and by yourself some nice orange sheets.

Instagram |  @cureateyourcanvas

10. These two cousins decided to do each other's nails... Who wore it best?

Both parties get an A for effort, but I think we can all tell who got the short end of the stick.

Instagram |  @chiaranissa

11. This is actually the best advertisement for setting spray that I've ever seen.

Up until now, I thought makeup setting spray was a bad investment... Now I'm literally going out to buy some so that this doesn't happen to me. 

Instagram |  @gwendolynvance

12. Whoever did this microblading should be arrested, immediately!

There's no doubt that this is a crime against brows. If anyone has any information on the whereabouts of this tattooist, call Crime Stoppers now. 

Instagram |  @beautydisasters

13. I wouldn't wish this disastrous mess even upon my worst enemies. 

Just shut the bathroom door and walk away! This is way too much anxiety for any beauty queen to endure. It's hard to look... Keep your cats out of your bathrooms, guys. 

Instagram |  @cr_economy

14. Even her own eye knows how getting a tattoo on it is... It's literally trying to cry all the tattoo ink out.

This photo really concerns me, but at least she chose the most beautiful shade of lilac.

Instagram |  @peopletalkru

15. What a beautiful cumulonimbus cloud... Never mind, that's a person in a face mask.

Get ready for some extreme cloud coverage and a chance of thunder showers: this face mask is out of control!

Twitter |  @jaacey12

16. My heart hurts for this poor woman.

I think we've all been here at some point. Maybe not to this extreme, but it's always a little painful to waste even one drop of foundation. That stuff is expensive! 

Instagram |  @evansmarla

17. The Kylie Jenner lip challenge is an old trend that, thankfully, died very quickly.

The number of girls walking around looking like this was actually hilarious. Literally everybody learned the hard way.

Twitter |  @sophiesnv

18. This girl scratched her eye, which isn't any fun to begin with.

But then all of her makeup began to run, and she was left looking like something that reminds me of my emo high school days. 

Twitter |  @Fragged_BYaGIRL

19. This girl revealed that this was the THIRD beauty blender that her dog destroyed in a month.

Maybe this pug is on to something. How do we know that they don't actually taste delicious?

Twitter |  @Fatimaaaaaa16

20. If this were me, I don't think I'd ever have the courage to wear false lashes ever again.

Does anyone else feel sick to their stomach or is that just me?

Twitter |  @marieloumakeup

21. I'm guilty of judging girls who wear makeup to the gym.

But it's only because if I tried that, I'd end up looking like this. Maybe I need a better setting spray or something because I just don't understand it.

Instagram |  @butwhyteacher

22. We all know that having glitter in your makeup bag is a risky game.

This girl lost this round to a bunch of loose pink glitter that is going to take at least four years to clean up.

Instagram |  @ _faespage

23. If you want to wear a bunch of foundation on the daily, that's cool — I won't judge.

But the sink at the salon will spill all your secrets, so just be prepared for that.

Instagram |  @tremaynehair

I give up! No one is safe from the wrath of beauty.  

Next time you're trying out a new product or procedure, remember to err on the side of caution —beauty doesn't always play nice!