13. Growing Old Together

Still young at heart (how else could they climb those rocks?)

14. He Gave Her His Bow Tie...Till Death Do Them Part

This was a trend back in the 90s; a boy giving you his tie or bow tie at a formal event was like giving you his football jacket in the 50s. That "she's with me" thing is still pretty charming and clearly, it worked!

Huffington Post | Lauren Glatthorn

15. Wonder If They Were Kissing That Whole Time...

A couple like this needs to keep taking this picture. The love is real.

16. Ten Years And All They Lost Was One Set Of Braces

Ten years down, 60 more to go. No one can deny these two were meant to be together.

Main Image via The Chive

Collage Images 1. The Chive 2. Rainbow In The Puddle