Everyone remembers their first love. Whether you got married in kindergarten or fought like cats and dogs in grade school, the first person to make your heart skip a beat will always have a place in it. Though most people grow apart after a few years or, perhaps, an experience that put too much straw on the camel's back, some stay together. These folks have probably had their share of problems but, through thick or thin, they stood the test of time and have the photographic evidence to prove it. Leave jealousy at the door and check out these relationship-goal-inspiring couples that would make Shakespeare sigh.


1. He Liked It So He Put A Corsage On It—Then He Loved It And Put A Ring On It

Prom is a wonderful affair and the stuff teenage dreams are made of. The next time you wear a dress you care that much about, it is probably your wedding day. These folks got to spend both together. So cute.

2. Thirty-One Years Passed, A Lifetime Of Love To Go

Better late than never. These two had the look of love back in the day and it hasn't faded since. 


3. From 90s Porch-Sitting To Modern Married Bliss 

We all remember being awkward, dressed like this, sitting on our crush's porch and listening to Savage Garden. This couple kept them feels and upgraded their style. Good on 'em.

imgur | Marcum21

4. The Stereotype Is Real... And Adorable

The football player and the cheerleader. This is not creative but it is heartwarming. Two people with the same love for one another as for the game.

Lohud | The Journal News | Tania Savayan