14 Things We Learned About 'Avengers: Infinity War' After Its Release

Diply 14 Jun 2018

Over the past month or so, I've been stalking the internet for new information on Avengers: Infinity War the same way I stalk ex-boyfriends on Instagram: intensely and with zero shame. This borderline obsessive behavior has yielded a ton of Avengers-related details since the film's release.

And I've learned a lot — not just about Infinity War, but also about myself. Namely, that I need to get a hobby.

So, without further adieu, here's everything we know about Infinity War thus far.

1. Groot's final word in Infinity War translates to "Dad."

Bollywood Life | Bollywood Life

Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn revealed this tidbit via Twitter, effectively crushing the hearts of MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) fans everywhere.

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2. Elizabeth Olsen dislikes herScarlet Witch costume.


"It's funny because sometimes I look around and I'm just like — wow, I'm the only one who has cleavage," said Olsen.

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3. Chris Pratt knows that you're pissed at Star-Lord.

Elite Daily | Elite Daily

Raise your hand if you were super annoyed when Star-Lord ruined the plan to get the Infinity Gauntlet from Thanos: ???

Yep, I think that's everybody.

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"I think he reacted in a way that's very human," Pratt responded to the controversy.


"I guess you could have the movie end a half hour earlier if you wanted," he added.

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4. Dave Bautista improvised his "Why is Gamora?" line.

Know Your Meme | Know Your Meme

This was arguably the funniest moment in the entire movie, and the fact that it was improvised makes it even better than I thought!

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"The script only said, 'Where is Gamora?' 'I'll do you even better: Who is Gamora?'" explained screenwriter Christopher Markus.

Twitter | @annakforever23

But during one take, Batista decided to chime in with his addition.

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5. Tom Holland also improviseda scene in Infinity War: Spider-Man's death.


Codirector Joe Russo only told Holland was to "act like you don't want to go."The rest was 100% pure Tom Holland.

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6. Spider-Man took longer to die in Infinity War because he felt his death ensuing thanks to his Spider-Sense. 

Vox | Vox

And Joe Russo confirmed It!

Excuse me while I cry into my tear-stained Spider-Man pillow, everyone.

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7. Deadpool tried to join the Avengers — but was rejected.

Twitter | @VancityReynolds

After Infinity War came out, Ryan Reynolds shared a photo of Deadpool's personal Avengers rejection letter from Tony Stark. What a keepsake!

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8. Tony and Pepper will have a child.

Instagram | @jonfavreau

"[Pepper] starts as his dutiful assistant, and then the relationship evolves, and now a decade later they're married, and they have a child," said Paltrow.

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9. Tony Stark used an outdated flip phone in Infinity War because that's what Steve Rogers gave him at the end of Captain America: Civil War.

Dinosauriens | Dinosauriens

I realized this after seeing the movie.

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10. Only after Infinity War was released did we realize that this 2017 promo poster spoiled, oh, half the movie's plot points.

Reddit | aliyaghi

So, that's a bit awkward — even for a fan-theory fiend.

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11. Tom Holland felt clueless on the set of Infinity War.

Instagram | @commentsbycelebs

Holland is notorious for giving away spoilers. The Russo Brothers wouldn't even allow him to read the full script for Infinity War.

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12. Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, and Jeremy Renner all got matching Avengers tattoos after Infinity War. 

Twitter | @MarvelOfRogers

Mark Ruffalo opted out, however, which is a real shame. C'mon, Banner!

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13. Harry Potter fans thought Infinity War copied the wizard-based franchise. 

Magic Alley | Magic Alley

Ultimately, though, much of Infinity War was based on comics written as early as the 1970s, so Potterheads can calm down any minute now. Yeesh.

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14. And finally, part of the first plot summary for Avengers 4:


"Our beloved heroes will truly understand how fragile this reality is and the sacrifices that must be made to uphold it."

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