9+ Hilarious Truths About Makeup Straight From The Internet

Kasia M 12 Apr 2019

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, right? Well not always. Some of us seem to obsess about makeup way more than others, and would go to all lengths to achieve that perfect look.

So let's look at the makeup obsession taken to the next level in these hilarious online memes and tweets.

1. When You Can't Settle For Just An Ordinary Picture

Twitter | @jamescharles

This must happen to everybody, right? Or am I the only one that thinks this is a tad too much?

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2. When You Can Never Have Enough Makeup

Twitter | @ibeautheart

If this doesn't make you makeup obsessed, I dunno what will. Go ahead and run out to buy just one more item!

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3. Ain't That The Truth

Twitter | @KarunaSkin

Ha ha ha this one is so true it hurts. If only it worked for the other parts of your body. Wouldn't that be nice?

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4. Who Can Relate To This?

Twitter | @MichaelToddBeau

I can, I can! I always want to believe I can do this but somehow I end up failing miserably every single time!

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5. When Your Makeup Is On Point

Don't you just love it when this happens? We all have our moments but this one feels just that extra special. Doesn't it?

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6. Oh No, She Didn't

Oh, yes she did. This is an unthinkable makeup faux pas, isn't it? Do you go and speak to the girl who did it?

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7. When Going Makeup-Free Is Not An Option

Who wears their full face even when going grocery shopping? Confess, please. This is a safe zone. We won't judge you.

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8. When Money's No Object

This is what happens when people just don't understand your devotion to your makeup routine. But we get you, Boo, it's all good.

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9. When Your Skin Hates You

Twitter | @GlamradaO

I'm literally going through this right now. Just when I have an event to go to I wake up and it's a zit face!!!

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10. When You'll Do Anything To Protect Your Makeup

Twitter | @AloetteByKayla

She'll never get caught dead in the rain because she took steps to protect her makeup. You go, girl!

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11. When You Never Give Up

Oh gosh, I've been there. Here I am waiting desperately for summer to come only to get reminded of this. Not today, Satan!

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12. When The Truth Comes Out

Twitter | @DrPorchia

OMG, this must've been so embarrassing, right? Oh well, it can happen to the best of us. Has it happened to you?

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13. When You Put Your Best Face Forward

Raise your hand if this sounds like you? Don't be shy. At least that's what it's like at the beginning of dating.

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14. When Your Priorities Are In Order

Everyone knows there is an art—no—a science to making sure that your brows are on fleek. So let it be known that no weapon, time included, formed against my brows shall prosper.

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15. When You're Not Too Good At Goodbyes

Having my favorite makeup brush fall apart is right up there with breaking my favorite eyeshadow on the list of things that make me cry.

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16. When Your Eyeliner Won't Stop Trolling You

Who else knows this feeling all too well? Then when you're done racoon-ifying yourself (yes, I just made that up), you wipe it all off and swear to never wear liquid liner again.

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17. When The Glo Up Is Blinding

Listen, if I paid $40 for that new highlighter you better believe I'm going to make sure that people SEE IT.

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18. When You Can't Help Your Expensive Habits

Don't lie, you know this is you too! Just don't find yourself at the welfare office with a face beat to the heavens.

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19. When We Watch Tutorials For Nothing

Me every weekend: I swear I'm going to that blue and yellow cut crease eyeshadow look, I swear!

Also me: Ain't nobody got time for that! Grabs same old neutral eyeshadow palette

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If you are makeup obsessed, don't be so hard on yourself.


It will all be worth it when you get that awesome compliment you've been waiting for. You look marvelous!

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