Easter Trees Are Apparently A Thing And We Need To Make One ASAP

emily.mcwilliams 10 Apr 2019

When you think of Easter traditions, you usually think of having an Easter egg hunt or dyeing Easter eggs, right?

Well, have you ever heard of decorating an Easter tree? Yes, Easter trees exist and once you see them, you'll probably want to make your own as soon as possible.

Let's hop to it and check out these cute trees!

Easter egg trees began in Germany.

There, they are known as Ostereierbaum. Traditionally, families would bring in small branches and place them in a jar, then decorate the branches with dyed eggs and wooden ornaments.

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Some families also took this tradition outdoors and decorated the trees there.

No one is quite sure how or why this tradition started but it's lasted through the decades, even if many North Americans are just hearing about it for the first time.

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The best part is that these trees are incredibly easy to make.

You just need a few branches and a vase. For ornaments, you can add string to any any dyed eggs, or use plastic or wooden eggs from the dollar store.

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Some people even do a "topiary"-style Easter tree.

Break out your hot glue gun, some faux moss and of course, Easter eggs to make this awesome Easter topiary. These would look so adorable on the table for Easter dinner.

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These trees also give you a reason to reuse your Christmas tree.

If you're looking for a way to convert your tabletop Christmas tree, decorate it with some Easter eggs. I think this looks really cute!

Well, now that I know about these springy trees, I think I need to make one this weekend before the Easter Bunny arrives!

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