Daycare Worker Who Brutally Beat And Blinded A 4-Month-Old Is Going To Prison

Chris Mottram 23 Jan 2019

This story is hard to hear about, so be warned what follows is horrifying.

Something Went Wrong


In January of 2017, Paige Hatfield was supposed to be caring for 4-month-old Kingston Gilbert at her unlicensed daycare in Kansas. It was only her 11th day caring for the baby, and things went horribly wrong.

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Call 911

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At some point during the day, Hatfield called 911 to report a baby in her care was vomiting. Paramedics responded and took Kingston to the children's hospital.

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'Extreme Violence'


Once at the hospital, the doctors discovered the baby “suffering from abusive head trauma" that was caused by "violent non-accidental physical trauma.” The doctors said his injuries could only have resulted from “extreme violence.”

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Kingston did survive the ordeal and is now a 2-year-old. His mother, Ashleigh Garcia, says he will never recover from the damage Hatfield inflicted. Kingston is now blind.

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Unsplash | Martha Dominguez de Gouveia

Kingston spent 18 days in the intensive care unit following the incident.

"We were told by doctors he is never going to be the same boy," [his mother] said. "I mean, we pretty much had to grieve the loss of our child and accept that the baby that we were bringing home was not the baby that I dropped off at daycare that day."

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Charges Filed

Johnson County Detention Center

Hatfield was charged with a aggravated battery causing great bodily harm, which is a felony and operating an unlicensed daycare, a misdemeanor.

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Her case went to trial and last week Hatfield was found guilty on all counts. Prosecutors have asked for an enhanced sentence based on the circumstances.

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The court will decide on the possibility of an enhanced sentence later this week. Hatfield will receive her full sentencing in March.

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'Hardly Survivable'


The sentencing will likely provide little relief to the Garcia family, who says every day since the incident has been a struggle. "There's days that are hardly survivable," Garcia said. But the family "still sees our baby in his spirit."

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How To Watch For Daycare Abuse

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There are many warning signs to look out for when it comes to daycare abuse. Changes in their attitudes or extreme mood swings, unexplained cuts or bruises, night terrors, fear or anxiety towards going to daycare, and much more.

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Daycare Abuse Isn't New

Unsplash | Shelbey Miller

Daycare abuse like the story above is more frequent than it should be. When you leave your children at a daycare, you expect the kid to be safe. You expect professionalism. You don't expect to have your life changed for the worst.

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Giphy | Anthony Antonellis

Marian Fraser ran a daycare in Waco, TX and relied on the use of Benadryl or other antihistamines to keep the kids asleep or knocked out, just so she can avoid dealing with them. She managed this for 25 years until going too far and killing one of the children under her care. From Baby Gaga:

Clara Felton was a sweet 4-month old whose parents trusted the wrong person to care for her. Her autopsy showed she died of a toxic amount of diphenhydramine, an ingredient in Benadryl and other antihistamines.

Fraser tried to claim she had the parents permission before giving the medication to the children in her care, however, the parents testified she did not have permission.

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Leaving Stove On


Another daycare story out of Texas, this woman left the stove on in her home to go out shopping:

She had young children in her care, ages 16 months to 3 years old. One fateful day she decided to go shopping and leave the 7 children in her care home alone. She went to the Target about a mile from the daycare and left a pot of cooking oil boiling on her electric kitchen stove.

Now, anyone with sense knows not to leave children unattended and not to leave anything cooking on the stove while one leaves the house. Due to her negligence, a fire erupted and 4 of the little ones in her care died.

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Sexual Abuse

Unsplash | Caleb Woods

And the worst that could happen is just as disgusting as you'd imagine:

A 25-year-old daycare worker named Heather Koon raped at least 2 babies in 2013 and recorded one of the rapes and sent it to her boyfriend, James Osbourne from her iPhone.

She then tried to convince police that it was not her on the video raping the baby, but a video downloaded from the internet. Her plea was not guilty to the charges but confessed to the rape of 4 babies.

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