14+ Relationship Memes That Speak Truth

kevin.avram 19 Nov 2018

Relationships are like socks — if you take care of 'em, they'll be comfortable and last for ages, and if you don't, things are really gonna stink.

But whatever situation you're in, I'm sure you know that keepin' laughter in the relationship goes a long way. Be honest, be crazy, and have fun! These memes, tweets and pics definitely speak the truth to that.

Two can play at THAT game!

Instagram | @ __________memes_______

Partners have been stealing each others' hoodies since the hoodie was invented! If you're a constant victim of sweater thievery, I say it's time to fight back.

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Come on, it's the thought that counts, right?

Twitter | @miaakellyy

Well, ya want something to make your car look fresh, don't ya?

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To be fair, those mice had mad style.

Twitter | @ClockworkMess

Lookin' like pimps with those canes and Morpheus style sunglasses — this is a compliment! It's not like he told her she looks like vacation mode Edna from The Incredibles.

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This is a smear campaign.

Twitter | @glitterytearz_

Sure, it might be a bit embarrassing walking around lookin' like that one kid at the picnic who always had way too many juice boxes that ended up all over their mouth, but it's worth it

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Guuuurl, lemme pull up a seat.

Twitter | @romanrochelle

If you don't think I'm interested in the tea, then you're dead wrong. I want you like a clumsy waiter on roller skates — spill it everywhere!

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A picture is worth a thousand...uh, other pictures.

Twitter | @MoPaisa

That's one amazing gift. I'd be afraid of trying to top this year after year! Where do you go from here?

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You'll always have someone to look after you.

Twitter | @marissanpadilla

See? He made sure her homework is getting done and even put the bicycle helmet on her and everything. That's true love.

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♫ We've only just beguuuun...

Instagram | @ __________memes_______

Everyone's a little crazy — so, just make sure your crazy matches their crazy. And if they can't really keep up with your crazy, maybe just let it out a bit at a time.

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There's someone for everyone.

Instagram | @dabmoms

If literal garbage people can't find love, then there's just no hope for me. Fortunately, there's plenty of trash in the sea! Unfortunately, it is killing a lot of turtles.

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How to tell if you can make it through any conflict.

Reddit | KevinIdentity

So long as you don't use a blue shell on your first date, you should be fine. Anything after that is a full-on deathmatch!

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Making the beast with two backs?

Reddit | ta01010101010

"Girl, I'ma make you dino-sore!"

"Boy, let's yaba-daba screw!"

"I like jurASSic."

"Wear a condom...that's not a pun, it's just good advice."

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Making other people go "ugh" — that's goals.

Instagram | @kalesalad

Yeah, when you're crazy in love, you might end up making other people puke everywhere from the cuteness. But that's their problem.

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"Why don't you do dat?!"

Instagram | @yaboydann

The last time my girl gave me this look we were watching Infinity War. I was like, "No, I'm not gonna shoot you if we meet up with your dad!"

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Sometimes the little things are just as important.

Instagram | @kalesalad

Like, matching hand sanitizers, for example. Basically, anything with a heart on it that you can buy at a drug store should do.

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Don't be jelly!

Instagram | @ _elistephens_

If I can't spend my free time checking out doggos on the internet, this just isn't gonna work out! People have needs out here!

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And when you go all the way, make it count!


That's right, any opportunity you get to flex that ice on your hand, you take it! Imma be like Frodo Baggins up in here, just cherishing that precious ring.

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