16+ Celeb Feuds That Have Officially Been Snubbed Out

elizabethdspina 18 Nov 2018

Watching our favorite celebrities hate each other is great.

But what's even greater, and more heartwarming, is watching them make up.

Cardi B and Nicki Minaj.

Flickr | Kartia Velino

Over the past few months, shots have been fired back and forth between these two rap queens. Things came to a peak when Cardi attempted to throw her shoe at Nicki, at The Plaza in New York for the Harper’s Bazaar Icons party. She claimed it was because Nicki had spoken ill of her mothering skills, to her newborn daughter, Kulture.

Cardi then took to Instagram with her thoughts on the incident. By the end of October, it seemed Nicki was getting tired of all the drama, so she extended the olive branch via Twitter, hoping to patch things up. Cardi screenshotted the tweet and posted it on Instagram with her response, finally putting an end to the feud.

For now at least.

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Katy Perry and Taylor Swift.

Flickr | FreshlyVibes

Ever since Taylor released "Bad Blood" in 2014, rumors have circulated that the song was directed at Katy Perry. Supposedly, Katy had "stolen" one of Taylor's backup dancers. “Honestly, it’s really like she started it and it’s time for her to finish it,” Katy said in an interview with James Corden.

But in 2018, Katy literally sent Taylor an olive branch. "I just went to my dressing room and found this actual olive branch," Swift said in her Instagram story. "This means so much to me."

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Bill Murray and Lucy Liu.

YouTube | Movieclips

While filming Charlie's Angels in 2000, according to The UK Times, Bill Murray told Lucy Liu, "You can't act," and almost immediately, fists were thrown, and they had to be pulled apart by coworkers on the set.

Murray was replaced by Bernie Mac for the sequel to the movie, to avoid further drama. "We made peace and I got to know her better from that day, and I feel very warmly for her now," Murray stated in an interview with The LA Times.

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Madonna and Elton John.

Wikimedia | https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Elton_John_in_Norway.jpg

Elton John has been the furthest thing from a Madonna fan over the last 10 years. He's made sure to make a snarky comment about her at every turn. But after a few years of silence between the two, Elton spoke up on the Graham Norton Show.

He said that he spotted her in a restaurant, and sent an apologetic note to her table. “I said something horrible about her that you should never say. I was in a restaurant in the south of France a couple of years ago and she walked in so I sent her a note saying, 'You'll probably never speak to me again but I am really sorry and ashamed of myself and can I buy you dinner'.”

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Kanye West and Jay-Z.


It seems Jay-Z has always been a mentor — nay — big brother to Kanye. In November of 2016, Kanye delivered an onstage rant about Jay-Z, spewing nonsense, to say the least. But ultimately accusing Beyoncé of refusing to perform at the 2016 MTV Music Awards unless her "Formation" video beat him for Video Of The Year (which it did), suggesting she owes him one for the whole "imma let you finish" incident with Taylor Swift.

Subsequently, Kanye canceled the remainder of his tour and checked himself into a hospital to treat exhaustion. In 2018, Jay-Z and Bey addressed the feud on their song "Everything Is Love", and there hasn't been a peep from either party since regarding the argument.

So it's safe to say they've quashed the beef.

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Lorde and Taylor Swift.


It seemed like Lorde and Taylor were total besties for a while. But after the Kanye West incident, Lorde covered a few of Kanye's songs, at one of her shows.

Since then, we haven't seen much communication between the two, and so, they were presumably no longer friends. But, she later took to Twitter to say, “Taylor is a dear friend. I love her very much.”

The tweet, however, has since been deleted.

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Jay-Z and Nas.

YouTube | HipHop Classics

This is a classic tale of rappers dissing each other in song for no real reason. It all started back in 1996, when Jay-Z threw shade at Nas on one of his songs.

The two continued to subliminally message each other through their music for years to come, but then they shocked the world in 2005, when Nas was featured in two of Jay-Z's songs, and even came along for the tour.

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Christina Aguilera and Kelly Osbourne.

YouTube | Jimmy Kimmel Live

Christina and Kelly's longstanding feud stemmed back in 2002. To sum up an extremely long story, Kelly slammed one of Christina's Christmas tracks on her family's reality TV show, then she told the press, "She's one of the most disgusting human beings in the world."

Christina finally fired back, telling Access Hollywood backstage, "Personally I think [Osbourne] has a crush on me, because she seems so obsessed with talking about me…"

Osbourne's reply to this, according to MTV News was that Christina's music was "crap" and that she was a "cow." Fast-forward to 2005, Kelly was a guest on Watch What Happens Live On Sunday Night, where she spoke highly of Christina, putting an end to the feud: “I think she’s looking way better right now, she’s got a great voice and she’s got a beautiful son.”

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Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth.


The Beverly Hills 90210 drama between Shannen and Jennie wasn't just on camera. Jennie told E!, "There were times we wanted to claw each other's eyes out."

The two supposedly butted heads on set all the time. But, thankfully, the two were able to work out their differences and become friends again later in life, as Shannen was seen at Jennie's 40th birthday party in 2012.

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Drake Bell and Josh Peck.

YouTube | Josh Peck

The two stars both began their journey on the popular teen series Drake & Josh, where they were co-stars. Assuming they were still friends, Drake was offended when, years later, he didn't get an invite to Josh's wedding. He told E! that he was "kind of hurt" by it.

But later, at the 2017 MTV VMAs, they hugged it out, putting an end to their short-lived feud.

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Rihanna and Ciara.


Rihanna and Ciara took to Twitter for a very public argument, that all started with Ciara telling E! that Rihanna "wasn't the nicest." It was all downhill from there.

Eventually, the two stars made up, via their Instagram stories. “Ciara baby, I love u girl! U hurt my feelings real bad on TV! I'm heartbroken! That's y I retaliated this way! So sorry!” To which Ciara responded, “Rhi, u know its always been love since day 1! Doing shows and everything. You threw me off in that party! Apology accepted. Let's chat in person.”


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The Jenner sisters and Selena Gomez.

YouTube | Chicascosmo

The reasoning as to why Kendall and Kylie Jenner had drama with Selena Gomez is still a bit unclear. Rumors swirled that it had something to do with Justin Bieber, but nothing was ever confirmed. All we know is they all unfollowed each other off Instagram in 2014, and were never seen together again until the Met Gala in 2018.

Since then, Selena has spoken positively of the Jenners, and Kylie's baby daddy, Travis Scott. So, I guess we can assume that whatever problems they had with each other have come to a close. However, although the feud appears to be over between Kylie and Selena, we're not so sure about Kendall and Selena.

Only time will tell.

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Snoop Dogg and Iggy Azalea.


It all started on Instagram when Snoop Dogg fired shots at Iggy's makeup-free look. From there, naturally, it was a back-and-forth Twitter feud.

Eventually, the two called a truce, and Snoop apologized.

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Eminem and Christina Aguilera.

YouTube | Christina Aguilera Best

Back in 2000, Christina commented on how Eminem married the woman that he joked about assaulting on his album. In retaliation, Eminem started a rumor in his song "The Real Slim Shady" that involved Christina, for lack of a better term, hooking up with Carson Daly and Fred Durst.

Aguilera described the allegations in an interview with MTV News as "disgusting, offensive and, above all, not true." Thankfully, the two have since set aside their differences, and rumors have even surfaced about the two collaborating.

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Lady Gaga and Perez Hilton.


Lady Gaga and Perez Hilton were once good friends. But during an interview on Perez's show, Gaga felt as though her friend was attacking her and asking insensitive and negative questions.

In an interview with Sirius XM, she told Howard Stern, “He was supposed to be my friend and I felt betrayed, so I started crying. And then my friend had to come in and pull the camera out, they wouldn't turn the cameras off."

Perez later apologized, after an intense Twitter debacle, and although Gaga didn't welcome him back with open arms, the two seem to be civil and not publicly feuding anymore.

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Taylor Swift and Kanye West.

YouTube | shadowfanguytjtjtj

This one is a doozy.

The feud began at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards when Kanye took it upon himself to snatch the mic from Taylor in the middle of her acceptance speech. "I'm really happy for you. Imma let you finish," Kanye told Taylor, and then added, "But Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time."

From there, things spiralled out of control. With an interview with The New York Times, Kanye said he had no regrets about what he had done.

In 2015, it seemed like things might actually be taking a turn for the better, when Kanye suggested to Ryan Seacrest, during an interview that he and Taylor had even considered working together. Taylor told Vanity Fair that she and Kanye had, in fact, smoothed things over.

But in 2016, Kanye released a song, "Famous," that quickly became the subject of scrutiny, due to some less than tasteful lyrics. The war between the two continued through to this year.

Taylor released her album Reputation, which undoubtedly included lyrics mocking Kanye. But Kanye has resisted the urge to retaliate, hopefully putting an end to this mess for good.

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Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie.


Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie were co-stars on a reality show called The Simple Life, from 2003 until 2007. But in 2005, Paris spoke out in an interview with People Magazine, saying, "It's no big secret that Nicole and I are no longer friends. Nicole knows what she did, and that's all I'm ever going to say about it."

But by 2014, the two had put whatever issues they had with each other to bed, in an interview with Andy Cohen.

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Katherine Heigl and Shonda Rhimes.

YouTube | TV Guide

This one is for all the Grey's Anatomy fans out there. Katherine told Vanity Fair that she felt like, the Grey's Anatomy creator, Shonda Rhimes, wasn't giving her any material that would win her an Emmy.

After leaving the show, she told Vanity Fair that she wishes she could take back the things she said, and just keep her mouth shut, effectively ending her feud with Shonda.

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Camila Cabello and Fifth Harmony.


After Camila parted ways from Fifth Harmony, rumors began to flood the Twitter gates, as fans speculated some shade being thrown from the girl group. They were naturally saddened and frustrated by Camila's decision to leave the group to pursue her solo career. But Camila shut down any drama from stirring up with a positive message to the other girls, on a radio interview with AMP, saying, "I wish them the best."

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Justin Bieber and Marilyn Manson.

YouTube | BryanStars

It's no secret that our beloved Justin Bieber has been a target for some criticism over the years. Marilyn Manson told ET that he saw Justin selling T-shirts with his face on the front, and Bieber's name on the back, and decided to confront him.

"I saw a little girl in a pink hoodie with blond hair, and it turns out to be Bieber. I sit down, and I say, 'Hey, so you wore my shirt and everything onstage,'" Manson recalled. "He was one of those touchy people that hit you when they talk, and he comes up to about d**k height. Then he goes, 'I made you relevant again.'" Manson didn't take this comment very well. But in 2017, over text message, Justin apologized, and the two have been civil ever since.

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Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey.


It all began in the early 2000s when Mariah was asked in an interview what she thought of J-Lo, and she responded, "I don't know her," which from there, became some of the most iconic shade ever thrown.

But anytime Jennifer was ever asked about this remark, she always kept her cool, and she never seemed to care much about it. Looks like this feud was over before it even began.

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Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel.

Wikimedia | https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Dwayne_Johnson_(8557375098).jpg

The Rock and Vin Diesel famously starred in the film Fast & Furious together. "Vin and I had a few discussions, including an important face-to-face in my trailer," Dwayne told Rolling Stone. "And what I came to realize is that we have a fundamental difference in philosophies on how we approach moviemaking and collaborating."

After a few back-and-forth remarks on social media, Vin told USA Today, "I don’t think the world really realizes how close we are, in a weird way," says Diesel, who steered clear of the specifics of their disagreement. "I think some things may be blown out of proportion. I don't think that was his intention. I know he appreciates how much I work this franchise. In my house, he’s Uncle Dwayne."

Problem solved.

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Khloé Kardashian and Amy Schumer.


Amy Schumer, the stand-up comedian, made a joke in regards to Khloe Kardashian's weight. Khloé took to Twitter to express that she thought the joke was rude and distasteful.

But before things could truly get out of hand (in natural Kardashian fashion), Amy tweeted that she has nothing but love for their family. Khloe never responded directly to Amy's tweet, but it looks like this feud has been swept under the rug.

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