Ariana Grande Slams Ex Pete Davidson in Series of Aggressive Tweets

Andrew Roberts 2 Nov 2018

It would seem that the breakup between Ariana Grande and SNL castmember Pete Davidson has reached messy territory. While the initial breakup came as a shock to many -- and not so much of a shock to many more -- a promo for this week's episode of SNL has prompted a series of aggressive tweets from Grande.

Just One Joke


The promo in question featured Davidson alongside host Jonah Hill and musical guest Maggie Rogers, with Davidson dropping a joke referencing his recent breakup with Grande according to The Hollywood Reporter:

"Hey Maggie, I'm Pete. You wanna get married?" Davidson asks Rogers as soon as Hill introduces her. When she rejects him, he mutters, "Zero for three."

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This clearly did not sit well with Grande, who seemingly lashed out in a series of "subtweets" aimed at Davidson shortly after the promo went live.

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Grande also retweeted some fans in reference to the promo and Davidson's joke, including one featuring the promo itself and some criticism of SNL according to People:

Grande also quote tweeted the SNL trailer posted by a fan who wrote: “SNL is about to milk their breakup just like they did with the engagement.” Grande simply wrote “.”

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Not The First Time For Jokes


This is not the first time that Davidson has joked about the end of his relationship with Grande. While co-hosting the Judd & Pete For America benefit, the young SNL star addressed the breakup, and the high profile tattoos both got during the relationship:

“Well, as you could tell, I don’t want to be here. There’s a lot going on,” Davidson joked during his set. “Does anybody have any open rooms? Looking for a roommate?

“I’ve been covering a bunch of tattoos, that’s fun,” Davidson quipped, referencing the tattoos he got in honor of Grande. “I’m f*cking 0 for 2 in the tattoo department. I’m afraid to get my mom tattooed on me, that’s how bad it is.

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Open To More Jokes

Davidson has also been reportedly telling many jokes and speaking openly about the breakup and his failed relationships behind-the-scenes at SNL according to TMZ:

Our sources connected to 'SNL' say Pete had been in good spirits while prepping for the show -- and was open to making jokes about jumping into relationships too soon.

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How Did It End?

Giphy | 2018 MTV Video Music Awards

Davidson and Grande's relationship ended abruptly and mutually back in October, closing out a four-month engagement and whirlwind romance that featured tattoos, pigs, and plenty of tabloid gossip.

The pair made their engagement official after only four weeks together -- with plenty of pressure and criticism from fans and the press. The fact that it ended suddenly has reportedly left Davidson feeling "embarrassment" according to the Daily Mail, but hasn't stopped him from talking and joking:

Insiders alleged that he’s been left red-faced after the split because he’d been telling people 'they would never break up'.

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Speaking Through PR

Grande, on the other hand, has been reserved and quiet to this point. The tweets she posted last night have since been deleted -- which is impossible on the internet, but worth noting -- and she has previously relied on official statements to address the breakup according to People:

Given the events of the past couple of years, Ariana is going to take some much needed time to heal and mend,” her team told PEOPLE in September. “She will be staying close to home and using this period to spend time with her loved ones and work on new music without deadline. She thanks her fans for their understanding.”

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Will There Be More Jokes?


There's no telling if Davidson will make more jokes during this week's new episode of SNL. You'd think no given Grande's response, but who knows.

Talking openly and coping in a way that works for you is nothing to be ashamed about. It might seem in bad taste, but a relationship is a 50/50 thing in the end.

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