Girl Finds Metal Rod in Her Halloween Candy, Police Investigating

Emily Reily 1 Nov 2018

Indiana police are investigating after a mom says she found a metal rod in her daughter's Halloween candy.

Indiana mom sounds alarm after metal found in candy

Unsplash | Tucker Good

This happened in Corydon, Indiana. Mom Kailee Wisnoski told WHAS11 that she told police she found the metal piece sticking out of a chocolate bar that was already open. She had been going through her daughter's candy when she found the protruding piece of metal.

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Children were trick-or-treating in downtown Corydon

Unsplash | Hello I'm Nik

Wisnoski said she had taken her daughters trick-or-treating in the downtown Corydon area. According to Corydon Police Chief Matthew Kitterman, Mars, Inc. was contacted about the incident and reps said the candy "likely did not come from their plant."

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Candy company says metal usually found by detectors

Unsplash | Carl Raw

Kitterman says according to Mars, metal detectors would have caught the material before it left the site. Police will use the candy wrapper to try to track down where the treat was bought, and then go from there.

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Mom: Better to be safe than sorry

Unsplash | rawpixel

Meanwhile, Wisnoski went to social media to warn other parents to check their children's treats. Professor Joel Best at University of Delaware says cases like this are rare. “I can't find any evidence that any child was ever killed or seriously hurt by a contaminated treat by trick or treating,” he told WHAS 11 News.

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