A New Viral DIY Human Hair Makeup Brush Has Twitter Absolutely Furious

Andrew Roberts 1 Nov 2018

This DIY makeup brush proves that sometimes it is just easier to open your pocketbook or wallet and go to the store. The clip, shared on Twitter by @malicioustaurus, features a woman tying off a bit of her own hair, lopping it off with scissors, and proceeding to make her own makeup brush with it.

Weird From Start To Finish

That should sound strange enough, but the process actually goes a little deeper and wrinkled a lot of brains on Twitter.

Why cut directly from the front of your scalp? Why cut so much hair if you're just going to trim it down for such a small brush?

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Why Cut There??

Most folks on Twitter and social had trouble wrapping their brains around the entire video. The entire process from start to finish offers a new confusing take, including the pained grimace that kicks the whole thing off.

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How Much Are Makeup Brushes??

Others were questioning who thought this would be a brilliant idea. Yes, you have a strange new makeup brush and have saved a few pennies.

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Save Money For That Trip To The Barber

At what point do the savings you gain by creating your own makeup brush counter the money you'll spend fixing your hair?

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The Pain Spreads

As many pointed out, it is painful to watch. Almost as if every user that pressed play felt the same grimace as the woman in the clip.

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Trying Make Sense Of The Senseless

Is it possible we're all missing something? Maybe there is some secret trick from cutting that much off to make a tiny brush? Are we missing the key to the secret of life in this decision or is it the doorway to the anti-life equation?

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Silent Judgment

After it spread, plenty were left speechless or holding to the lessons taught by their parents. Mind your manners, keep those negative thoughts to yourself.

But what about the one where mom said don't cut your own hair??

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Crash And Chop

It is like a car crash that you just can't turn away from. And then someone takes the rearview mirror from the crash and uses it as a DIY makeup mirror.

Totally worth it!

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Welcome To The Hall Of Fame


If anything, this is the worst idea since the haircut vacuum from Wayne's World and nobody can deny it.

It is NOT the first time the internet has provided us with foolish ideas for DIY makeup tricks and tutorials. Glue in eyebrows? It exists? Burn off your hair? several people have tried it with legendary results. A facemask skin treatment that literally rips the skin off the face? We've come close.

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P.B. Shave

Giphy | For Everest

How about using peanut butter has shaving cream? That DIY beauty hack has circled the Internet for years, and it has always been a very bad idea. Instead, use conditioner.

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Safety Pin

Flickr | WilliamND4

We've all had the urge to grab something sharp to pop a pimple, but don't do it. The safety pin DIY is a common one, but experts say it will only make the situation worse.

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Oreo Mascara

Oreos are delicious and should be used only for human consumption, not for making mascara.

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