32 People Who Spoke Too Soon And Got Slapped With Embarrassment

Diply 3 Jul 2018

It's a dangerous thing to speak before you have all the facts — especially if you happen to be making a particularly judgmental statement or an aggressive dig at another party. I should know, I've had to learn the hard way...but we won't get into my life embarrassments here. Instead, we'll poke some fun at these clapback-inducing people!

1. Assumptions can lead to very awkward situations

Reddit | [deleted]

Okay, maybe we shouldn't be calling people out on Twitter at all, but if you're gonna go dirty with it, at least get the facts straight before throwing shade. Seriously, folks. Lesson learned.

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2. Dude, come on

Reddit | rahulthewall

Life tip: before complaining about ANYTHING, make sure you are not the problem. When did Dominos ever add "12-inch-round flatbread" to their menu? I feel like you had to be inhibited by some less than legal influences...

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3. It's not just the Brits...

Reddit | user-no-7

Wanna show how stupid you are? Start a fight about something you know nothing about! It's shocking to me how many people start throwing shade without a quick Google search. I mean, you're already on the computer!

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4. Wow, that was painful

Instagram | @will_ent

You know, if the first time someone says "I love you," is through a P.S.... that's kind of a signal in and of itself, no? These were brutal, but the next one is just pure facepalm...

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5. Yeah, no kidding...

Reddit | fballmstr13

I gotta ask though, is this intentional or the best typo ever made? I mean, should I be impressed by this or incredibly and immediately concerned?

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6. Your friend? Sure it was...

Reddit | PanzerPeach

My friends randomly steal my phone while I'm in bed and text people I'm having rando convos with too... what a coincidence! Seriously though, you thought that would work?!

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7. C'mon Jonno, she's not going to believe that one


Rule of thumb: anything over two hahas means she's questioning your relevance in her life. Just sayin'. And oh ya, and if you do get that crazy-laugh response, never try to slide past it with a lame "I was hacked" excuse.

You should be better than that.

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8. That's a hot burn

Reddit | DJ_MilkBags

To be fair, they both make excellent points...

The next person didn't just get embarrassed. They got wrecked worse than those folks on Gilligan's Island...

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9. Words come back to bite you more often than they don't 

Reddit | okiedokeguy

This is EXACTLY why I resist posting stupid updates on FB...

P.S. You just totally know the next post on this guy's page was of the totaled car, selfie stick in hand.

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10. Just take a minute to think before you type

Reddit | mpodlog

Ughhhhh...you know when you were in grade school and someone lovely and wonderful told you "there are no stupid questions"' ... Well, tell me what you think about that now.

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11. Turns out you're not starting tomorrow...

Twitter | @Izit_TheOne

It literally hurts my head the amount of times these type of tweets come up. How many times does this need to happen before you all stop posting these statuses?

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12. He isn't going to jail, but he's definitely eating his words!

Reddit | mohammedtayyib

"Shouts to her" = thanks for still taking my case and getting me off jail even though I 100% had zero faith in you because of a face tat...

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13. Yes...very silent bullets...

Reddit | skinnyfatchka

Like, what do you even say to a human like that? How can these people exist?

Also, #Ferguson? Bruh, you just cannot go around saying that.

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14. If you're going to insult someone, make sure it's the right person...

Reddit | Ill-Fated

You know what? For good measure, triple check that. An apology after the fact just doesn't really cut it, now does it?

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15. Wow, this person's an asshole!

Imgur | Imgur

Okay, okay, this is why we: A) shouldn't guess at people's cryptic statuses, B) shouldn't respond to people's cryptic statuses, C) shouldn't get in people's business only to call them out.

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16. There you have it — never judge a book by its cover!

Instagram | @yourtypicalgiggle

And you know, stop taking pictures of strangers and giving random relationship advice. Get your own stuff to worry about, how 'bout dat?

The next one's so bad, I can actually feel the embarrassment...

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17. Sounds like Dmitri needs some house training

Imgur | Ififsandbuttswerecandyandnutswedallhaveawonderfulchristmas

I actually like to think that maybe this is a couple who's actually got it all figured out... Is it weird if I say I'm into it?

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18. Talk about awkward 

Twitter | @shriekening

I was really hoping we left hinting behind in the mess that was 2016...but I guess these are the casualties of the war that was that year?

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19. They say you get what you give and this girl was giving shade.

Imgur | Addicted2Groove
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20. Relationships are all about accepting each other's... umm, shortcomings.

Instagram | @coolfeminists

I'll bet that ended that discussion really quick. Let's just say there's a lot you can learn to get used to.

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21. All pickup lines can and will be used against you

Imgur | Ififsandbuttswerecandyandnutswedallhaveawonderfulchristmas

You know why? Because they're horrible. By definition, they are horrible. No one wants to hear them and they certainly don't work. Leave them behind with that super filtered black and white selfie, bro.

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22. He has a point...

Reddit | Sheikamaru

I'd like to see her stacks and compare them with said 25-year-old guy. Also, why do you need two cars when you're still in that apartment life? Girllll....

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23. Um...do you even know where you are? 

Imgur | beenbannedb4

Protip: don't travel when you have no idea what you're going to see. Or like...read the many, MANY signs that surround these type of sites.

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24. Yes, even corporations know how to use Google these days, people. Just staaahp! 

Twitter | @Wendys

I do love that Wendy's basically replied in the voice of the Mocking Spongebob meme. Bonus points!

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25. It's gotta feel good to roast your school, especially after paying four years of tuition...

Twitter | @Jay_Fresco

The least they could do is hire him at this point. Gotta pay off that debt somehow, right?

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26. There does appear to be only one sink...

Instagram | @_londons_very_own_ken

You know what? Maybe. Maybe they are. Or they're planning revenge on that thing you don't remember doing...

It's safe to say, when it comes to Tinder, you're either the slayer or the slayee...

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27. Long time no talk? Yeah, that is not a coincidence, dude.

Pinterest | Pinterest

You haven't talked in a while for a reason, and would like to keep it like that for as long as you can.

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28. If he doesn't say yes to this dress, then I will. 

Imgur | laurawutt

Every girl loves a man with confidence.

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29. Nah, he wasn't trying to be cute... It was the sun!

Reddit | Launchbay07

It's funny 'cause he could've gone with all kinds of other lies — being tired, swatting a mosquito, anything!

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30. Rhianna: 1. Ciara: 0

Twitter | @ciara

She might have her own makeup brand, but if there's one thing we'll always know Rhianna for, it's her brand of complete and utter savagery!

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31. Who knew a beauty blender could cause so much shade!

Reddit | jkahala

To be fair, her remark was mad rude and I'm pretty sure she just wasted the best opportunity to have a guy go buy her blenders for her.

Plus, who really cares if he knows what it is or not?

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32. But in the end, some slaps sting more than embarrassment...

Reddit | Kingbuji

Yeah, you know, of all the things in life to keep track of and be accountable for...this probably isn't one you want to go around advertising, ever. But you know, you do you, man.

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