23 Beings Who Are Used To Perpetual Disappointment

Diply 3 Jul 2018

If I didn't have bad luck, I wouldn't have any luck at all. I'm pretty sure this saying was made for me.
I should keep a GoPro going just to document it all but, don't worry, it's all firmly planted in my memory despite numerous attempts at hypnosis.

I know there are others out there like me and, luckily, many of us can laugh at our perpetual disappointment.

I said "many" of us, right?

1. When You Have A Long To-Do List But Your Back Goes Out

Reddit | brianamarih

"Son of a..."

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2. Personal Gym Space, Please

Imgur | autoregress

When you finally got up the nerve to ask out the hot chick at the gym but her shirt basically reads, "Step off, son!"

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3. There's Always That One Friend

Imgur | SuckieMcSuck

When you've been so pumped to catch a glimpse of Avatar 2 and your "friend" thinks this is funny...

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4. "Kids, Your Buddies Are Here!"

Reddit | mosantiago5

When your mom tells you your friends are there but it's really just the stinky kid from down the street who picks his nose...

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5. Imaginary Tease

Imgur | quidinfernum

When you've already planned your wedding in your head but your "fiancé" is already taken.

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6. That's It?

Imgur | LavyP

When you've listened to your friend's joke for five minutes and there is no payoff...

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7. Baked Alaska, You Say?

Imgur | CreateThisAccountJustToDoThis

I like to call my take on this "Scorched Earth".

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8. When Your Mom Mixes Up Pajama Day With Picture Day

Reddit | KillerKenyan

The first of many days you wonder if you just might be adopted...

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9. When You've Been Wearing Your Retainer But Still Need Braces

Reddit | cndgrl2514

Just when you thought you had game, too...

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10. When You Can't Control The Awkward Beast Within

Imgur | TwelveHourNap

So much for getting that next invite...

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11. Challenge Accepted

Reddit | RandyWood

When you see the tape in front of a urinal as a challenge and only manage to dirty your pants.

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12. Don't Box Me In

Reddit | ElevatorSwag

When you thought you were landing the "kissing booth" this year but you've been totally typecast...

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13. Let's Do This!

Imgur | PrimordialPorridge

When you've repeatedly asked your kids to tell you about projects in advance but the most they can muster is the night before...

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14. Hell Hath No Fury 

Imgur | carrotsoup

When a Harry Potter fan finds holes in the story, life seems pointless

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15. Not Your Average Pavlovian Response


"Hooman, I pushed the button and all I got was this lousy frozen water."

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16. I can only imagine the horror.

Reddit | washedupwornout

Keep in mind, though, that those cats run your life. Do you want to get a good night's sleep? How about leave your house for more than two hours and not come back to a complete and total mess in your house? Yeah...you might not want to get on their bad side.

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17. Don't do my boy Kenny like that!

Reddit | ChosenWolf

Who are you to judge how Kenny lives his life?! We've all had our struggles trying to diet, but just not eating isn't the answer. Look at the size of that backyard! Maybe a lack of exercise is what's really keeping Kenny from getting that summer bod.

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18. When you tell bae you can cook...

Reddit | DudeBug

So the whole idea of a home-cooked meal is showing that you can actually create something. You don't even have to do all that much.

Do you understand how easy a baked potato is to make? Microwave some peas. Throw a slab of chicken on a grill. If this is your go-to date night meal...you've made a huge mistake.

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19. OK, so in theory they didn't lie...

Reddit | Juankestein

But still, if I'm eating this, there's a good chance I'm a broke college student who is barely getting the nutrients I need to study for 21 hours a day. Cut me a little slack!

I know shrimp is expensive or whatever, but I'm pretty busy putting in the bare minimum at school. At least my excuse for a meal can help even things out.

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20. This breaks my heart.

Reddit | MisterPocketz

Look at that sad...face? I see it. You see it. It's real. All those childhood memories just passed off, never to be rediscovered. OK, now I'm crying.

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21. You can see the pain on his face.

Reddit | GhostChronos

Every parent will tell you that they did everything in their power to provide for their family. So you can imagine what it would be like to toil away night and day, making sure your child has everything in the world, and then when you walk into their room as they were supposed to be studying, this is what you see.

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22. A date gone disastrously wrong...

Instagram | @barstoolsports

When you wake up and realize you'll be alone forever. And in typical '80s movie fashion, she went on her own and had the best time ever, finally realizing her perfect match was waiting at the prom all along. It's beautiful, really. This is still like Chapter 3 of the novel.

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23. That's it. Christmas is canceled.

Reddit | NoMeGustav

It's one thing to be disappointed on Christmas. When you ask for the world, don't be surprised if it doesn't quite work out for you. But to get the EXACT SAME SHIRT as the one you're already wearing?!

At least your new shirt should be soft enough to dry your tears with.

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