23 People Who Saw An Opportunity And Took It

Diply 3 Jul 2018

If you're like me or any of the people on this list, then you think you're the funniest human on the planet. Which is a great way to live, right? Here are some folks who just can't turn down the levels on their cleverness.

1. This teacher is clearly everyone's favorite.

Instagram | @pickledgalaxies

#4 is a big ask, but SOMEONE'S got to do it.

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2. This person who clearly has a future in comedy.

Instagram | @funnysillyhilarious

But really, is that car okay?

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3. This master of puns.

Instagram | @cleanmemesandpuns

You simply can't turn away from an opportunity like that.

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4. This girl who made a Dairy Queen joke. 

Instagram | @salyrink

"Guess I don't have to go to Dairy Queen to get a Blizzard any more..." YAS GIRL! There are not enough Dairy Queen jokes, to be honest.

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5. Maybe it's more than just horsing around.

Instagram | @kiki_verses

See what I did there? Do you get it? Because they're horses?

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6. This person who has reached peak levels of troll. 

Instagram | @love_arby

Fox News was probably just SO amused.

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7.  The person who installed these doors has a bit of a dirty mind.

Instagram | @boobieholders

Just in case you forget which door to use.

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8. These two are clearly meant for each other.

Instagram | @a_sid_ney

A match made in heaven.

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9. Like the person who exposed this beach fraud!

Instagram | @orngememes

Honestly, I have been this kid so many times though.

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10. Now that's a yummy pun.

Instagram | @punsonaplate

Nothing goes better with delicious cuisine than some clever word play.

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11. That is one clever tattoo parlor. 

Instagram | @ssignlanguage

It means no worries...until you get a tattoo you'll regret in a few years.

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12. This business just dropped the mic.

Instagram | @laramarksnash


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13. Like Burger King holding nothing back with this sign.

Instagram | @javilavi79

McDonald's better watch their back...

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14. Businesses are really good at puns.

Instagram | @showmethepunny

It's bacon me CRAZY.

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15. This stall knows its brand.

Instagram | @kamyrinn

Such sass for a bathroom!

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16. Men... always out to prove a point.

Instagram | @giant_mega_sponge

The evidence needed to back the statement.

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17. I see what you did there!

Reddit | rot117

Get it!?

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18. Gotta give the dog some credit... he swallowed the right Monopoly piece.

Reddit | brainyblond

Good boy!

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19. Well played, BMW.

Reddit | Almost_Famous_Amos

Always have to one-up the competition!

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20. Top notch Snap.

Reddit | zachadventures

Punny and cool. See what I did there? No? Ok, I'll stop.

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21. Whoever designed this mug just wants to watch the world burn.

Reddit | OneWeirdTrick

*Twitches* "Your."

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22. You have to admit, this guy knows how to make the most of his job!

Reddit | Kristopher_Heimbach

A real life superhero.

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23. I scampi-lieve that sign!

Reddit | clembobo79

We can't all be pun masters.

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