23 Signs That Bae Needs To Go

Diply 3 Jul 2018

Bae's supposed to always be there for you. Bae's supposed to support you and your dreams. Bae's supposed to love you unconditionally. Bae's NOT supposed to do these things! Here are some signs that bae has definitely got to go.

1. If he's this clingy. 

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2. If she's as nosey as Facebook is.

Reddit | Reddit
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3. If he wakes you up like this.

Reddit | pencer
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4. Or if she doesn't wake you up and does this.

Imgur | RandomGuy991
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5. If they do this. Because they're clearly a psychopath. 

Imgur | sdavis2002
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6. Or this...

Imgur | pjmarsh

Fold it over, or we're over.

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7. If she leaves this.

Imgur | piddles
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8. Or if he puts the jug back in the fridge with this much juice left.

Twitter | @FarmerBrown6969
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9. If he never gives you personal space.

Imgur | TJsAwesomeName
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10. Or if she really never gives you personal space.

Imgur | Extremelyhotpink
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11. If she's sending you mixed signals.

Imgur | fbfaran
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12. Or if he refuses to share his food with you.

Imgur | TianaLeexdoll
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13. If he takes cute pics like this.

Imgur | BreezeyBop
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14. Or if she's always stealing the covers.

Imgur | UserCommentIrrelevant
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15. If she tries to make you eat this.

Twitter | @trjstn
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16. Or if he drives you nuts.

Imgur | RevsGirl
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17. If they pull this crap with you.

Imgur | LogicDude

And don't expect repercussions.

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18. If they don't just intuitively know what you want to eat.

Reddit | RidingKeys
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19. If they pull this garbage.

Reddit | slizzers

He got her goalie gloves for "being a keeper." Sigh.

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20. If they think these flours are a substitute for flowers.

Reddit | Nessie_Assassin

What are you even gonna do with all that?

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21. If they leave this nightmare for you to wake up to.

Reddit | kyie734
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22. If they insist on buying store brand when it comes to the important things.

Reddit | LovelySweet1789

Sure, scrimp on canned veggies, but NOT THE COLA!!!

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23. Or if they're mean to your precious darling kitty.

Reddit | Hoodie59

Nobody puts kitty in a corner.

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